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Life-Sized Jason Voorhees Chained to Bottom of AZ Lake

by Timothy Rawles

As we celebrate the date of one of filmdom’s most beloved titles, we thought you might appreciate the story of diver Zachary Nagy who put Jason Voorhees at the bottom of Lake Pleasant, AZ., twice.

A while ago we told you about a life-sized art project made of a certain hockey-masked slasher named Jason who was removed from the bottom of Lake Pleasant in Arizona. That story is mostly true, but there was a new twist you might be interested in.

Like we said in our previous articles, Nagy made the statue in honor of Jason’s watery demise in Friday the 13th Part 6. The lakebed diorama also includes a road sign that reads “Crystal Lake.”

The diving community thought the idea was cool and a legend was born. It wasn’t until videos surfaced on Reddit of the underwater form that things got complicated; the Arizona parks department saw the footage and thus began their mission to remove it.

But here’s where things got murky. Our first article states that the statue had been removed, but Nagy, in a 2018 interview for Slasher Radio, says no, he’s still there, the suits just haven’t found him yet.

In fact, the artist said he relocated the “body” after Lake Pleasant was drained.

“They drained the lake lower than they ever have before, this year,” said Nagy in the interview at the time. “So we ended up having to move him like two months in, so everyone thought Jason just disappeared for a little bit….he got down to like twenty feet of water and we’re like okay let’s move him back to sixty [feet down].”

For now, it seems, Jason is still anchored at the bottom of the lake somewhere and divers can visit him if they know where to look, but Nagy isn’t giving anything away.

“It’s at Lake Pleasant, but the location I will not tell you,” he said. Let’s hope the Mulder wannabees at the Arizona Parks Department are unsuccessful in their mission to dredge up Mr. Voorhees.