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Jason Voorhees Pulled from AZ Lake

by Timothy Rawles

It was a novel idea, but the hall monitors at the Arizona parks department have decided that the life-sized sculpture of Jason Voorhees ala Part 6 was “litter” and had it pulled from the murky depths of one of the state’s lakes.

This is not the same Jason who still lives at the bottom of Crystal Lake in Minnesota. Back in March, we told you about artist and scuba diver Curtis Lahr who anchored that detailed art piece and filmed it for our giddy pleasure, his soggy-selfie video went viral and all was well with the world.

But in Arizona, the unravelers of red tape and pop culture, who also appear to be internet trolls, happened upon a Reddit post that pinpointed this Arizona Jason effigy on video and demanded it be removed from his resting place in Lake Pleasant near Pheonix.

A video of the submerged hockey-masked legend was taken by Steele Scuba Diving this past Sunday has now been viewed over 30,000 times, you can see it below.

But not to worry, the people over at Steele Scuba are optimistic that the Friday the 13th icon has not seen the last of his watery grave,  “I have a feeling he will be back though…” they said in the video caption.