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Weta Workshop ‘Ghostbusters’ Mini Epics Are Our New Favorite Figures

by Trey Hilburn III

Like most of you guys, I’m a Ghostbusters fanatic. Ever since, I was a kiddo there has always been something that made Ghostbuster collecting significantly more special than any other fandoms. From the ectoplasm cans to the proton packs, there is something that is just inherently cool about Ghostbusters. That’s why we are losing our minds over these new Mini Epics from Weta Workshop.

If you are familiar with Lord of the Rings and the singular maestro who is director Peter Jackson, you know Weta Workshop. Weta was responsible for making the world of Orcs and Elves come to life in LOTR and beyond.

New Zealand based, Weta Workshop started their amazing creations in 1987 and was founded by the legendary Richard Taylor and Tania Rodger. Lucky for us, the folks over at Weta are similarly nerds and best of all, they are super into horror and sci-fi typer nerds.

Their vinyl figures are worlds apart from others due to their unique approach. All of their designs take something familiar like Ghostbusters or Borderlands and completely makes it their own. Their Ghostbusters Mini Epic line sculpted by Mauro Santini came out early in 2020 and quickly became my favorite collection due to the fantastic and comedic approach to its sculpt.

So far only the first half the collection is out. This half is made up of Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler and our favorite little green spud, Slimer. Each of the vinyl figures has a lovely, distinct aesthetic to them. Plus, I just love the weight and finish texture on these guys.

Slimer’s design is really great. It has the slimey green chubster devouring a plate of spaghetti. Naturally, the noodles are coming out of his slimey stout body. I just love the colors and translucent greens mixing in with the spaghetti. Slimer is easily my favorite of the fist half o the collection.

There is also something infinitely cool about these vinyl figures being made by the same team that have blown our minds over so many slices of pop culture. These Ghostbuster Epic Mini’s are just the cherry on top of the very cool slime sundae.

The official product description goes like this:

When New York turns to Ghost Town and paranormal activity strikes, only a select few can save the city. Ghostbusters! Weta Workshop took care to recreate these heroes as Mini Epics, to serve all your supernatural elimination needs.

Who ain’t afraid of no ghost?

The second half of the Mini Epic line is coming out this March! It will feature the other half of the team as well as a big surprise. We will tell you guys more about those soon.

To get in your order for the Ghostbusters Mini Epics head over here and add them to your collection before they disappear like a class three vapor!

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Check out the trailer for Ghostbusters Afterlife right here.