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The First Reviews For ‘Halloween Kills’ Have Arrived


by Trey Hilburn III

Halloween Kills screened at the Venice Film Festival and it was met with a wash of negativity with little in the ways of positivity. So, much negativity in fact, that it even worried me a little. I usually take these things with a grain of salt but the sheer number of folks that weren’t into it is kinda staggering.

Following the screening a barrage of Tweets poured out that mainly suggested that the film was a bit of a mess overall. Seriously, they used “mess”. The word showed up a lot. So did “fan boy” and “fan service”.

Look its ways great to see a couple of nods to the films that came before, but when it the film becomes a retooling of the source material in order to fill 2 hours with constant winks, isn’t what we are looking for.

There also seems to be a lot of reactions saying that the stakes just aren’t there and that this does little to move the narrative of Strode and Myers along. The good news is that a lot of these folks are saying that the kill count is indeed high and that the gore is intact. So, we can at least look forward to that.

The themes of grief and trauma and mindless mob mentality also seem to be at the forefront of these reactions.

On the negative side again, a lot of scores ranged in the 2.5 range and even saw a couple of 1 out of 5’s. There were a few 4 out of 5’s but not enough to totally dispense with cautions concern.

One of the most troubling and a statement that seems to be reflected in a lot of reviews came in Hollywood Reporter’s David Rooney who said, “This latest installment is like a latex ghoul mask so stretched and shapeless it no longer fits.”

I can’t help but feel that Venice was the wrong place for a slasher to kill. It isn’t unheard of, but I can’t but help feel that Halloween Kills would have done a lot better at a genre festival, like Fantasia or Fantastic Fest.

Do these early negative reactions worry you? You will be able to see for yourself when Halloween Kills hits theaters beginning Oct. 15.

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