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Retro Hasbro ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ Line Adds Monsters and the Ecto-1

by Trey Hilburn III

Last year I went through a National Lampoon circus in order to get my hands on The Real Ghostbusters retro Hasbro figures. Even though, I had put in my pre-orders way early, Wal-Mart held back twice with the release. It turned out that I was actually better off having never pre-ordered them due to the fact that while I was waiting for my pre-order these figures had already shown up in stores and were selling out on the shelves. Wal-Mart basically said screw the folks who pre ordered them. After months, I finally got my figures but they were the second editions released and came with a loose piece of crappy paper in the bubble plastic that made the whole thing look like crap. Well, now Wal-Mart is getting more Hasbro retro figures and I’m honestly not sure how I or you guys should approach this.

The good new is that, Hasbro is releasing some rad throwback figures to go along with last years set of the team of Ghostbusters. This year, we get more Stay-Puft and Slimer figures with a couple of classic ghosts and the all coveted Ecto-1!

The bad news? Well, we are going to have to deal with Wal-Mart and their shenanigans again. So do we pre-order these Ghostbusters retro figures or take our chances? Or do we just go to stores and pray that they waiting for us on the shelves? Oddly, We might have better luck doing it that way. Sadly, Wal-Mart still doesn’t know how to successfully deal with pre-orders, or they just don’t give a shit to learn how to.

If you are going to risk pre-ordering and pray that they got their shit together, you can head over here on March 15 to try to get in a magical pre-order. Each monster will set you back $15 each, while the Ecto-1 will set you back $50.

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