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Ice Nine Kills Does Cover of ‘Stacy’s Mom’ as ‘Jason’s Mom’ For Mrs. Voorhees

by Trey Hilburn III

The Fountains of Wayne song Stacy’s Mom was a huge hit back when it was released. As the years have gone on, it has become part of every sort of playlist you can think of. For gods sake, it’s on mall playlists and even plays in elevators. Now, Ice Nine Kills has gone and done a cover of it. One that we horror fans can get behind. The cover comes just in times for Mother’s Day. This one about Jason Voorhees’ mom, aptly titled ‘Jason’s Mom.’

The acoustic performance of the 2020 cover finds the band sealed off in their own homes singing about dear old momma Voorhees. They even give a little love to Norman Bates and his mom toward the end of the song.

Jason’s Mom is all about the counselors dying following their negligence while young Jason drowned in Crystal Lake. The guys awesomely even talk about Kevin Bacon getting offed.

It’s a pretty fun song, from a band that spends their time obsessing over horror as much as we do. So, hats of to the guys in Ice Nine Kills and their tribute to one of horror’s greatest moms.

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