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His Name Was Jason and This Weekend the ‘Friday the 13th’ Collection is $13 Bucks

Jason Is Coming Home With You One Way Or Another

by Trey Hilburn III

UPDATE: Turns out Microsoft only made it $13 for the first day of the weekend. For the remainder of the weekend, it is half off, making it $24 from its usual $50 price-tag.

Friday the 13th went off without a hitch or any black cats or therein stubbed toes. There was quite a bit of good luck out of the dreaded day though. For one AMC played most of the Friday the 13th films in a marathon for the actual Friday the 13. In order to keep the Friday the 13th weekend vibes going, Xbox’s Microsoft store has the 8-film Jason Voorhees collection up for sale right now and its going for a apt and killer price.


This particular set is made up of the first eight films of the franchise and best of all Xbox has them up for $13 dollars for the entire set

As you can imagine, the set has been massively popular on Xbox’s Microsoft shop. You are going to have the chance to pick up the set all weekend long, since the sale is good for an entire three days.

This is the primary core of Friday the 13th. It doesn’t even step our far enough to go into range of Jason Goes to Hell or Jason X. Those are the real Leprechaun in the Hood sorta days.

The synopsis for Friday the 13 part II goes like this:

The second entry in the long-running horror series focuses on a group of teenage would-be counselors converging on Camp Crystal Lake for training under the tutelage of head counselor Paul (John Furey). Inevitably, Paul relates the story of Jason Voorhees (Warrington Gillette), a boy who ostensibly drowned at the camp and whose mother murdered a group of counselors in revenge. No one takes the tale seriously until a very much alive Jason begins gruesomely eliminating people.

I bring up the synopsis for Part II because it is one of the scariest and one of the best of the franchise. But, not as fun to watch as part III and Part VI. I degrees though, time to jump in on the awesome deal. I already own the collection on blu-ray but still like the idea of having it on digital, on my xbox and ready to play.

So, all you have to do is head on over to your Xbox, sign in and search for the Friday the 13th collection of 8 films. If you are an Xbox service subscriber, you are good to go for the full on camptastic price of $13.