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‘Hellbound’ Knocks ‘Squid Game’ Out of Netflix’s Number One Spot

We Kinda Knew This Would Happen

by Trey Hilburn III

About a month ago, we guessed that Hellbound would take over the infamous Squid Game spot in Netflix’s ranking. Here we are a week after the popular series’ release and that is exactly what has happened.

These are both Korean based series. However, the plot for each respective series is vastly different. Squid Game was all about class and capitalism. It featured a group of people playing children games with deadly consequences in order to take home a gigantic cash prize. Hellbound on the other hand is all about demons coming to devour the souls of random people on earth. The series deals with the dangers of social media and dogpiling cancel groups while it also deals heavily with region.

I’m a much bigger fan of Squid Game. Personally, I don’t think that Hellbound holds a candle to Squid Game’s brilliant narrative. I doubt that it will have the long life that Squid Game had either.

It’s an exciting time for Korean pictures. Parasite won best picture at the Oscars, Squid Game took over the world and now Hellbound is coming out swinging reaching number one on Netflix in no time flat. I look forward to Netflix doubling down on its Korean films and series purchases in the near future.

You can find both Hellbound and Squid Game streaming on Netflix right now.