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Google Adds Matthew Lillard and Emma Roberts to Scream’s Cast

Was This an Error or a Slip Up?

by Trey Hilburn III

UPDATE: Google has since removed Matthew Lillard and Emma Roberts from the cast lineup. Hmmmmm.

In a recent Google search for Scream’s 2022 cast, we were shocked to find that there were some familiar faces added to the line-up. Now, the question is, were these added as an accident, a slip-up or a misdirect?


For some time, the internet buzz has been all about Stu Macher surviving the TV bashing to the melon. It is entirely possible that he survived the incident. People have survived worse. Added to that argument is the fact that Matthew Lillard appears in the back ground of Scream 2. Now, Wes Craven was notorious for little easter eggs like this, so it was probably just for fun… or maybe not.

The new Scream film could entirely retcon the whole thing and make it look like Wes Craven placing Matthew Lillard in the background was intentional.

Added to the mystery of the Google search is that Emma Roberts is also on the cast list. Is it possible that Jill is going to join up with Stu to finally take down Sidney? Of course this is speculation based on Google’s cast, but anything is possible in a world obsessed with nostalgia.


In any case, I do wish that Google would clear this up. I’m going to be super upset if they unintentionally spoiled the big twist for 2022’s Scream.

What do you think? Do you think that Stu and Jill are back? Do you think that Google let the cat out of the bag? Let us know your thoughts in our comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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