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Giant Aliens Are Back In “War of the Worlds: The Attack” Trailer



Vertical Entertainment has released the trailer for their latest adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic tale. War of the Worlds: The Attack is set to hit select theaters on April 21, 2023.

The film’s plot follows a group of three young astronomers who, while tracking a meteorite that crashes on Earth, realize they are at the forefront of a Martian invasion. Along with the aid of a soldier, the trio embarks on a perilous journey to London where they must confront the invading aliens and devise a plan to save humanity.

War of the Worlds: The Attack Trailer #1

Alhaji FofanaLara LemonSam Gittins, and Leo Staar star.

Director Junaid Syed stated, “The idea was to create a modernized version of War of the Worlds while honoring and trying to stay as close to the original story as possible.

Syed continues, “It has nostalgic elements for the grown-ups and, at the same time, fresh storylines making it relatable for the younger audiences.”

War of the Worlds: The Attack

The Classic Sci-Fi Novel by H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds” shook the world!

H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds” is a classic science-fiction novel that has captivated readers for over a century. It was first published in 1898 and has since been adapted into numerous films, radio dramas, and even a TV series. The novel tells the story of a Martian invasion of Earth and the subsequent struggle of humanity to survive. But what is it about this story that has made it endure for so long?

The novel’s enduring popularity is largely due to its unique blend of science fiction and social commentary. Wells was a master of both, and he used his writing to comment on the issues of his day. “War of the Worlds” is no exception. The novel was written during a time of great change and uncertainty, and it reflects these themes in its narrative.

At the heart of “War of the Worlds” is the idea of human vulnerability. Despite our technological advancements, we are still vulnerable to the forces of nature and the unknown. Wells uses the Martians as a metaphor for the unknown and the unpredictable, and he explores how humanity responds to this threat. The novel is a commentary on the fragility of our civilization and the importance of unity in the face of adversity.

Artwork by: David C Simon

Another key theme of the novel is the clash between civilizations. Wells was writing at a time when the British Empire was at its height, and there was a growing sense of tension between nations. The Martian invasion can be seen as a metaphor for this clash, and Wells uses it to explore the themes of imperialism and colonialism. The Martians are portrayed as ruthless conquerors, and their invasion is a warning about the dangers of imperialism and the exploitation of other nations.

“War of the Worlds” is a groundbreaking work of science fiction. It was one of the first novels to explore the idea of alien invasion, and it has since become a cornerstone of the genre. Wells’ vision of Martian technology and society was ahead of its time, and it inspired countless other works of science fiction.

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Netflix Doc ‘Devil on Trial’ Explores The Paranormal Claims of ‘Conjuring 3’ [Trailer]



What is it about Lorraine Warren and her constant row with the devil? We may find out in the new Netflix documentary called The Devil on Trial which will premiere on October 17, or at least we will see why she chose to take on this case.

The Devil On Trial Official Trailer

Back in 2021, everyone was holed up in their homes, and anyone with an HBO Max subscription could stream “Conjuring 3” day and date. It got mixed reviews, maybe because this wasn’t an ordinary haunted house tale that the Conjuring universe is known for. It was more of a crime procedural than a paranormal investigative one.

As with all of the Warren-based Conjuring movies, The Devil Made Me Do It was based on “a true story,” and Netflix is taking that claim to task with The Devil on Trial. The Netflix e-zine Tudum explains the backstory:

“Often referred to as the ‘Devil Made Me Do It’ case, the trial of 19-year-old Arne Cheyenne Johnson quickly became the subject of lore and fascination after it made national news in 1981. Johnson claimed that he murdered his 40-year-old landlord, Alan Bono, while under the influence of demonic forces. The brutal killing in Connecticut drew the attention of self-professed demonologists and paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, known for their probe into the infamous haunting in Amityville, Long Island, several years prior. The Devil on Trial recounts the troubling events leading up to Bono’s murder, the trial, and the aftermath, using firsthand accounts of the people closest to the case, including Johnson.”

Then there’s the logline: The Devil on Trial explores the first — and only — time “demonic possession” has officially been used as a defense in a US murder trial. Including firsthand accounts of alleged devil possession and shocking murder, this extraordinary story forces reflection on our fear of the unknown.

If anything, this companion to the original film might shed some light on just how accurate these “true story” Conjuring films are and how much is just a writer’s imagination.

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Full Trailer For Eli Roth’s ’80s Slasher Homage ‘Thanksgiving’ is Here!



Eli Roth is making his return to the cinema with another seasonal horror tale, this time it takes place during a time when we all should be thankful. And we are. Obviously, it’s called Thanksgiving and the full trailer just dropped today and it looks like a good ole’ ’80s slashery time!

Taking elements from Friday the 13th, My Bloody Valentine, and Silent Night, Roth has created a retro but modern callback to the horror movies of the ’80s. The film is not yet rated, but based on the trailer, I would predict it’s a hard R (Yay!).

Roth’s original idea was a satire trailer that played in front of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse (2007) which mocked the genre and its penchant for taking holidays and turning them into slasher movies.

This film releases in theaters only on November 17.

The Plot:

After a Black Friday riot ends in tragedy, a mysterious Thanksgiving-inspired killer terrorizes Plymouth, Massachusetts – the birthplace of the holiday. Picking off residents one by one, what begins as random revenge killings are soon revealed to be part of a larger, sinister holiday plan. Will the town uncover the killer and survive the holidays…or become guests at his twisted holiday dinner table?

The Cast:

Patrick Dempsey

Addison Rae

Milo Manheim

Jalen Thomas Brooks

Nell Verlaque

Rick Hoffman

and Gina Gershon

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[First Photos] ‘The Strangers’ Reboot is Already Made; It Consists of Three Movies



Director Renny Harlin (Deep Blue Sea, Exorcist: The Beginning, Cliffhanger) has been a busy man. He is rebooting The Strangers franchise with a trilogy that he has already completed according to Entertainment Weekly.

Harlin says he shot all of the films in Slovakia at the same time, and production was, “the challenge of a lifetime, but I also really embraced it. On a Monday morning, I could be shooting the second chapter, and Monday afternoon I could be shooting the first chapter, and Tuesday morning I could be shooting the third chapter. it was incredibly demanding for the actors, for the continuity in terms of the make-up and wardrobe, and for my director of photography, because we wanted to create a visual language that develops so that the movies get bigger, more epic, as we go [on]. It just kept all of our juices pumping all the time.”

‘The Strangers Trilogy’| CREDIT: JOHN ARMOUR/LIONSGATE via

He remembers the Bryan Bertino-directed 2008 original Strangers which he says impressed him so much that he never forgot it.

“I remember the experience of seeing it,” says Harlin, “I didn’t really know anything about it when I saw it and I just loved it. I thought it was fantastic and it’s stuck in my mind as one of my favorite horror films.”

He adds: “When this opportunity came to me, the idea of not doing a remake or a reboot but doing a trilogy based on the original film, I thought it was an incredible opportunity.”

Froy Gutierrez and Madelaine Petsch in ‘The Strangers Trilogy’ | CREDIT: JOHN ARMOUR/LIONSGATE via

As for what Harlin’s version is about he says the first movie The Strangers: Chapter 1 pretty much follows the set-up of the original: a couple is terrorized by sociopathic home invaders, and Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 will “explore what happens to the victims of this kind of violence and who the perpetrators are of this kind of violence. Where are they coming from and why?”

The targets in Chapter 1 are played by Madelaine Petsch and Froy Gutierrez (Teen WolfCruel Summer).

The Strangers Trilogy is set for release in theaters next year. Harlin and producer Courtney Solomon will be participating in a panel about the three films at New York Comic Con on Oct. 12.

‘The Strangers Trilogy | CREDIT: JOHN ARMOUR/LIONSGATE vis

Original 2008 Trailer:

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