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Danny Trejo Memoir on the Way from Atria Books

by Waylon Jordan
Danny Trejo

Tough-guy actor Danny Trejo has a new memoir on the publishing calendar for Atria Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Publishing House, titled Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood. The book is co-written with his friend and fellow actor Donal Logue (Blade).

Deadline quoted the actor on the book, saying:

“At 76, this memoir was an opportunity for me to be fearlessly honest for the first time about the terrifying brutality of my experiences in the hardest prisons in the world, the family secrets that tore lives apart, my personal bottom while I was in the hole in Soledad facing a possible death penalty charge, the role God played in turning my life around, my acting career that started at the age of forty by simply showing up to a set to help another addict in need, and how all of it shaped the person I am.”

Trejo is easily one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood and has regularly stepped into the horror genre in From Dust Til DawnThe Last Exorcist3 From Hell, and Machete to name just a few. In fact, at the time of writing this article, the actor is just four shy of a solid 400 credited roles on IMDb.

Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood is set for release by Atria Books on July 6, 2021.

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