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Classic Pop Songs Made Into Stephen King Novels

by Timothy Rawles
Brasil EKO Comunicação

Stephen King has been having a glow up for the past few years and his momentum doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Now the literary horror icon is paid homage with some amazing artwork that combines Top 40 earworm titles with his trademark front cover style.

Brasil EKO’s Facebook page, posted illustrations by Brazilian graphic designer Butcher Billy who decided to unite the two mediums into canny nostalgic concepts.

Songs such as Every Breath You Take by the Police, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, and Hello by Lionel Richie plus 13 more have been reimagined as King novels. The only thing missing is his name in all caps at the top.

Below are a few of our favorites but if you want to check out the whole collection click HERE.

It was recently announced that King will be revisiting his love of writing crime novels with “Later.” The book will be released sometime next year in paperback under the Hard Case Crime publishing house.