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‘Yellowjackets’ Creators Say Second Season Will Get “Weirder” and “Darker”

There's No Book Club, Y'all

by Trey Hilburn III

Showtime’s Yellowjackets was our favorite thing on television over the holiday. It was a perfect series to watch as temperatures dropped outdoors.

The series was entirely filled to the brim with mystery and intrigue. It was something that we were proudly and constantly sharing on the site a year prior to its release.

It was something that had all the trimming of something spectacular. Lo-and-behold, the first season was brilliant throughout and only managed to become better as it progressed.

A cross-pollination of Alive, Lord of the Flies, The Craft, and Switchblade Sisters. It’s very good and very cool. Now that the first season has ended, the creators chatted with Deadline about what to expect from the already greenlit second season.

Co-creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson told Deadline that season two is going to be “darker” and “weirder” than its first season.

For a series that begins with a plane crash and is initially totally concerned with survival and sussing out the girl’s relationships, it quickly becomes something much more intriguing and supernatural.

Similar to Lost and its plane crash in a mystical location, Yellowjackets has a backsplash built from the same fun mystery. It even loosely works like Lost’s interchanging timeline narrative structure.


“When we first pitched the show, we said we wanted to make a show about the best and the worst that people are capable of,” Lyle told Deadline.

“Ultimately, whenever you’re telling stories, you’re really trying to examine, and to some extent, interrogate yourself. I think that ideally, this premise gives us a lot of room to really investigate that concept and to do it in a way that is hopefully really fun as opposed to kind of academic or overly intellectual.

I think that we’re just so excited to keep playing in this world. There are a lot of opportunities where we’re going and where we’ve been planning to go get darker and get weirder. We’ll likely get a lot more of both of those things but hopefully, we can keep it fun.”

The season ended with a huge cliffhanger that managed to reveal the answers to four big questions very rapidly. The relief of having those questions answered was short-lived of course. Like most well-written shows the answers provided only lead to more questions.

If you haven’t watched the first episode of Yellowjackets yet, head over to HERE to watch the first episode for free. There is still no word on when the series will return to Showtime but we will keep you updated.