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Watch as Corpse “Waves” From Inside Coffin Just Before Burial

by Timothy Rawles

A corpse looks as if it is waving to guests from inside his coffin just before he’s laid to rest at a funeral in Indonesia.

Attendees didn’t notice until after watching footage of the burial that the corpse made the hand gesture reports The New York Post.

It all happened in Manado City, on May 5 as mourners gathered graveside to give their last respects.

As the priest is giving his blessing, the camera, focusing in on the windowed coffin, picks up what appears to be a pale hand move within the sealed box.

The video has made the rounds on social media with some people thinking that the person might have been buried alive.

A more rational explanation was given by experts who say the body was in a stage of rigor mortis which causes muscles to contract.

The body stiffens, researchers from Central Queensland University in Australia said, and can make the corpse appear reanimated.

Here’s the video, take a look:

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