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The SAG/AFTRA Strike is Scarier Than Any Horror Movie: Here’s What to Expect



You can’t have a movie without actors, and you don’t have actors if they are on strike. That is exactly what happened in Hollywood today as SAG/AFTRA, an organization that represents both the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, went on strike.

SAG-AFTRA President US actress Fran Drescher

Despite ongoing attempts for several weeks to reach a new contractual agreement, both parties were unable to find a mutually agreeable path forward. Among the major contentions is the use of AI technology.

If you haven’t seen the latest season of Black Mirror on Netflix we suggest you watch the episode Joan is Awful. In that episode (spoilers ahead) Salma Hayeck is blind-cast in a streaming show. You see, her AI likeness is being used supoosedly without her permission and there is nothing she can do about it except destroy the server that holds that file. She didn’t read the fine print in her contract.

Joan is Awful trailer

What is scary is that big studios, in order to save a few dollars want to do exactly that. Scan an actor’s likeness for a fee, then use that likeness however they want and not pay the actor a cent afterward. In perpetuity. And consider this, what if studios replace background actors with AI? That’s a whole sector of the entertainment business out of a job.

There are other aspects of the dispute, but the AI controversy is definitely worth noting.

No More Movies

But what does the strike mean for us? It means that any production currently being shot will have to shut down because the actors will not show up for work in solidarity with the union.


And if you think about it, the writer’s strike has already made a dent in not creating any new content. Put that together with the actor’s strike which may last for months, then you can see the domino effect. We thought COVID killed the cinema.

There might be no cure in sight. Actor and SAG-AFTRA leader Fran Drescher said the actors have negotiated in good faith, “but the AMPTP’s (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) responses to the union’s most important proposals have been insulting and disrespectful of our massive contributions to this industry. The companies have refused to meaningfully engage on some topics and on others completely stonewalled us.”

Listen to this:

No Promo

What it also means is that actor won’t show up to promotional screenings, interviews, or other appearances until the matter is resolved. But if studios already have promotional appearances in the can they can still use those. Hopefully, they put a disclaimer that the session was recorded before the strike. You think they will?

What Can You Do to Support The Actors?

This is a tough one. To be honest it might be too tough. If you support the actors then you can’t watch any upcoming movies. That’s right! Movies like Barbie and Oppenheimer should be crossed off of your list on principle, until the negotiations are finalized. You might even want to dig your heels in further and skip Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny for now. But we know these movies are highly-anticipated so let your conscious be your guide.

But why can’t I watch these movies, they were made before the strike. The theory here is that if these big-budget movies don’t bring in the cash stacks next weekend, it sends a message to studios and they are more likely to give in to demands. But it also hurts the actor’s pocketbooks. It is a tricky situation.

How to Still Enjoy Movies and Series During the Strike?

Thankfully there are free streaming services out there such as Tubi with plenty of retro content, including a very long list of horror movies. Remember, if you support the actors, you want to send a message to the studios and there is no better way to do that than their wallets. If the studios lose money because you are not purchasing their content, they are more likely to cave to the actor’s demands.

Movies in Production That Might Shut Down

Beetlejuice 2: We were just seeing images of Tim Burton directing Wynona Ryder on the set of Beetlejuice 2. That production will shut down.

Deadpool 3: It feels like just yesterday we saw Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in their Deadpool 3 costumes. Hold on to that memory until further notice.

Twisters: This movie is currently in production, but most likely will have to close down.

Thanksgiving: Eli Roth’s return to the big screen may be delayed until the strike is over.

Saw X: Jigsaw is not going to be happy.

Blade: Scheduled for a 2025 release, but it is in production.

Movies Being Made Abroad

Movies being made abroad with all British actors are probably not affected.

However, movies made abroad with American actors, those actors will have to be replaced which may cause a damper on the shooting schedule.

Alien: Romulus


What Else?

If the above wasn’t doomsday enough for you, consider that San Diego Comic-Con is taking a hit too as SAG/AFTRA actors are forbidden to attend. They are also not allowed to attend any award shows such as the Emmys coming up in September.

Hopefully, this strike won’t last as long as they are forecasting and we can all get back to enjoying watching movies knowing that the actor’s contracts are in good standing.

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Actress Jane Widdop on Xmas Slasher ‘It’s A Wonderful Knife’ [Interview]



It's a Wonderful Knife

It’s A Wonderful Knife is a fun, albeit twisted, take on Frank Capra’s 1947 holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. We all know the story. Good ol’ George Bailey’s problems start adding up, and he wonders if the town would have been better off without him. As he considers jumping from a bridge, an angel appears, showing him what things would be like if he hadn’t been around to do all his good deeds, and ultimately leaving him with a new lease on life. It’s a sincerely touching story. A true cinematic gem that will live on for generations to come. 

‘It’s A Wonderful Knife’ is not that kind of film. It won’t cause you to think deeply about your life, or bring you some moral epiphany in any way, shape, or form. It’s a bloody slasher film with a clever twist, that’s here to do one thing, and one thing only. Entertain horror fans for the holidays. You can read the synopsis below:

“Winnie’s life is less than wonderful one year after saving her town from a psychotic killer on Christmas Eve. When she wishes she was never born, she finds herself magically transported to a nightmarish parallel universe. With the murderous maniac now back, she must team up with a misfit to identify the culprit and get back to her own reality.”

It's A Wonderful Knife
It’s A Wonderful Knife Movie Poster

Written by Michael Kennedy and directed by Tyler MacIntyre, ‘It’s A Wonderful Knife’ stars Jane Widdop (Yellowjackets), Joel McHale (Deliver Us from Evil), and genre stalwart Justin Long (Barbarian). Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Jane about their leading role, and the film in general! 

Actress Jane Widdop

iHorror: Hi, Jane. How are you doing?

I’m good, how are you, Joshua?

I’m good! Pleasure to speak with you. So, you have a movie coming out, IT’S A WONDERFUL KNIFE!

I do, I do. A lovely play on words!

What can you tell us about it? Without spoiling too much. 

Winnie is a teenage girl, and you would think everything is great in her life. She loves photography, she wants to go to NYU. She’s at a Christmas party with all of her best friends and the whole school, and it ends up that her best friend is attacked by this crazy serial killer dressed up in an angel costume. I end up running after her because I want to save her, and the angel comes after me. My brother and I chase it and fight it off, and I kill him. 

Fast forward a year later, Winnie is super depressed, PTSD, but it seems like everybody else has just moved on, and are just living their lives and I’m still stuck in the past where I was a year ago. Things really go downhill for Winnie, she makes a wish, and surprise, surprise- she ends up in an alternate reality, and has to defeat the killer, yet again.

The film also stars Justin Long, and Joel McHale. What was it like working with them?

It was so good. Both of these actors are so crazy funny, and crazy good, and are both veterans in their field. It was just amazing to watch. Everything is a bit with Joel. He could be drinking water, and it could be a bit. It’s just how he is. So, it was really cool to see what bits he used for this character, and he was so dad mode. That’s just Joel. He has so many good zingers. 

Justin is just so good. He’s so immersive in every character that  he plays. He uses the costumes, the veneers, the wig, everything, to influence the character. Being able to watch that was so, so cool. This man can go off for days, just on a random topic while in character. It was so cool to be able to watch.  Also, Catherine Isabelle is an amazing horror icon. She was incredible to work with. 

What was the vibe like on set, did you all get along?

Oh, for sure. I feel like we were all a little family. It was the most team-like set that I’ve ever been on. We really all worked together, and wanted everything to be at its best. We gave 110% every single day, and that was really cool to be a part of, to feel like this little unit. 

It’s funny, Joel and Justin never met before. With all their circles you would think they might have met. As soon as they met they were like instant best friends. 

When the whole cast and the director vibe, and everybody gets along, it gives another dimension to the film. 

It does. We were having our producers and director and wonderful writer in the greenroom with us between takes, eating food with us, or telling a story, or going over the script again. It was cool that they were so hands on. It allowed for us to be like, what if I do it this way, or put in this line? They were always so receptive.

The film is a nice little play on the classic , It’s a Wonderful Life. Did you watch that before filming to brush up on it?

Oh, yeah. I’ve seen it. It was one of those (films) my family always put on during the holidays, but I watched it probably five, or six times for this. Also, just because I loved it so much, it was nice to have an excuse to be able to watch it so many times. It’s one of my girlfriend’s favorite films, so it was nice that we cozy up in the middle of March and watch a Christmas film. 

Okay, so if you had to sell us the movie in one sentence, what would you say?

You should watch it because it has a heartwarming gooey center, which not a lot of films have. Also, it’s really queer, which not a lot of films have. 

Awesome! I do have one more question for you, Jane. A lot of people know you as Laura Lee  from Yellowjackets. What was that experience like?

That was so good! It’s crazy. When I first read the pilot, that was fall 2019, and I was seventeen years old at the time, the same age as Laura Lee. That was really cool, to feel like I was in those shoes, at that time. Obviously, it wasn’t in the ’90s. (Laughing.) Once we got picked up and we were in Canada, that was the first time I ever lived away from home for that long. All of them really took me under their wing. All of the other Yellowjackets. The one who’s the next oldest up from me is Sophie Thatcher, and she’s, like, 23. 

So, there was a bit of a jump, and I felt so loved and appreciated, even though I was the baby. I was expecting to be shunned, but I wasn’t. I was taken in, and felt like I was at home. I loved the script, ever since I read the pilot I was on board. I loved the mystery of it. I loved that Laura Lee was able to have this really strong, brave moment in season one, because I was supposed to die in the plane crash. 

I was really just grateful for every day that I was able to be on set. I loved how they were able to do flashbacks so well. I think that’s really hard to do and they nailed it. The soundtrack is amazing. Everything about the show is amazing, and being able to do it when I was young, and just being able to have that experience – I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. I’m so grateful for that. 

We really appreciate your time, Jane! Thank you so much!

You can catch Jane in IT’S A WONDERFUL KNIFE, streaming December 1st on Shudder, AMC+, and VOD, courtesy of RLJE Films!

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[Interview] Tom Holland On ‘Oh Mother, What Have You Done?’



Psycho II, released in 1983, is a sequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic 1960 film Psycho. While the original Psycho is widely regarded as a classic and one of the greatest horror films ever, Psycho II has developed its own following and has proven to be a fan favorite of the series over the years!

Psycho II benefits from a compelling storyline that picks up over two decades after the original film’s events. Norman Bates, played again by Anthony Perkins, is released from a mental institution and attempts to reintegrate into society. The film explores themes of rehabilitation, forgiveness, and the consequences of Norman’s actions. The narrative is crafted with enough twists and turns to keep audiences engaged, and it offers a fresh perspective on the character of Norman Bates, which was a fantastic attribute to the film’s success, in my opinion.

Psycho II (1983) – Official Trailer

Ultimately, the strong following of Psycho II can be attributed to a combination of a well-crafted storyline, Anthony Perkins’ captivating performance, and the film’s ability to pay homage to the classic original while taking the narrative in a new and intriguing direction. While not achieving the same acclaim as Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Psycho II has earned its place as a respected sequel within the horror genre.

Filmmaker Tom Holland released an all-new 176-page book, Oh Mother, What Have You Done? The book is now available from Holland House Entertainment. The book, authored by Tom Holland, contains unpublished memoirs by the late Psycho II director Richard Franklin and conversations with the film’s editor, Andrew London. This book will offer fans a unique glimpse into the continuation of the beloved Psycho film franchise.

I was offered the chance to speak to Tom Holland about his new book, and I leaped at the opportunity to interact with the man responsible for creating some heavily memorable films in cinematic history. Despite Tom’s evident talent, he remains remarkably humble, and it was a pleasure speaking with him. During our conversation, we spoke about his new book and much more! We hope that you enjoy it.

Interview – Tom Holland On His New Book ‘Oh Mother, What Have You Done?’

Oh Mother, What Have You Done? is available now in both hardback and paperback through Amazon and at Terror Time. (for copies autographed by Tom Holland).

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The True Horror Behind ‘PIG KILLER’: An Exclusive Interview with Writer-Director Chad Ferrin



PIG KILLER‘, a film both written and directed by Chad Ferrin, delves into the terrifying story of real-life Canadian serial killer, Robert “Willy” Pickton. Charged in 2002 with 26 counts of murder, and then convicted of 6 counts in 2007, his vicious crimes are speculated to have spanned from 1983 to 2002.  While incarcerated, he supposedly confessed to the murder of a staggering 49 women in total to an undercover agent from the Office of the Inspector General, who was posing as his cellmate at the time.  

The film stars Kate Patel (Proof Sheet), Jake Busey (Starship Troopers), Bai Ling (The Crow, Crank), and Lew Temple (Rob Zombie’s Halloween). We recently had the chance to chat with Chad about PIG KILLER, how the movie came to be, and the process of bringing some of the killer’s most heinous acts to film.

‘Pig Killer’ Writer-Director Chad Ferrin

iHorror: Hi, Chad!  How are you?

Chad Ferrin: I’m good. Just prepping for the next film I’m doing. 

So, staying busy?  Nice!  We wanted to chat with you a bit about your latest film, PIG KILLER. 


Now, the film is based on serial killer Robert “Willy” Pickton.  Where did the idea to do this film come from?

It started with Kate Patel, who plays “Wendy” in the film. She was introduced to me through my friend Jeff Olan, who produced the film. He said he knew a young lady who was an actress who wanted to make a film based on this Canadian serial killer.  Of course, I wanted to hear more about it. 

We met for lunch, and she pitched me the whole story. She grew up in Vancouver, and was very familiar with him, and the whole trial.  She always wanted to make this film, and she pitched it out. I started writing and gave them the script about two weeks later, and she loved it. After a few small tweaks, a month later, we were shooting. 

So, the whole thing was Kate Patel’s idea?

Yeah. Her concept was basically doing (the film about) the killer. The direction of Boogie Nights sort of meets Portrait of a Serial Killer, was more of what I wanted to do. Instead of something depressing.  I wanted to have light hearted elements, and pop music from the period juxtaposed against the violence. I wanted to make something you’ll watch again. 

I wanted to see if you could verify a story I heard for us, tell us if it’s true. 


I understand that Kate Patel wanted to play the characters of Wendy Eastman, and “Willy” Pickton, originally? 

(Laughing.) Yes! I’m like, look – if you have a million dollars, maybe it can be done. The time constraints of making a low budget movie on a twelve day shooting schedule and a 120 page script, it would be impossible to get her into the make up for two hours, with a convincing enough job for her to pass as this guy. It would just be crazy! 

She was adamant, though, and even auditioned on tape for it, and it was good! But I had to stress to her how difficult it would be, turning a 10 hour day into a 15 hour day with all of the makeup. Eventually she agreed to just stick to playing Wendy. 

We talked to a couple guys to play Willy. The first was Fred Durst, who was interested in playing him, but he had wanted so many changes done to the script that I said just forget it. It came down to a point where it was like, am I making my movie, or Fred Durst’s movie? He wanted to tone it down, I wanted it to be more extreme, and we ended up walking away. 

That’s when Jeff Olan recommended Jake Busey, and I thought it was a great idea. We got the script to him, he loved it, and we had a meeting. He was excited to do it, and it was a pleasant experience working with him. 

He reminds me so much of his dad!

(Laughing.) Totally! Gary Busey’s great, and always had that magnetism. Well, Jake has it, too. It’s hard to find. The camera loves them, and their likable. 

Michael Paré is also in the film! 

Yeah, and he was great as well! Nice guy, and he really knows his stuff. He’s one of those veterans who comes in and just hits his lines. 

Now, you wrote and directed the movie. Does that help you keep more control over the project?

Yeah. When I do these as a writer/director I demand full control. I edit the films, I produce and prep the entire thing, it’s hands on all the way through. The people I’ve worked with on the previous couple films have been amazing. They know the routine.

I read up on “Willy” Pickton, and he was uh – well, he was a pretty evil guy. How far does the movie go? Is it an accurate depiction of what we know about his crimes? 

Yeah, I would say it’s about 90% stuff that actually happened. There’s a few things that I put in there, like the pig mask is a nod to Motel Hell. Injecting his victims with windshield washer fluid and antifreeze, that was a factual thing. The pistol with a dildo silencer, also a factual thing. 

His friend Pat with the tracheotomy was factual, and how he helped kind of dispose of the bodies, yet was never convicted. That all happened. The brother was never convicted, either, but he had to know. How could he not? The parties, and the music was all factual. The Wendy character is a combination of the one victim of his that got away, and one that was murdered. 

So, you went for realism? 

Completely, yeah. It’s a rollercoaster of dark humor, and horror, though. I’m from the midwest, and I grew up on a farm. There were so many similarities between Willy and I , that it was easy to dive into. I  grew up around white trash. I went to school with people who were like Willy, and probably smelled like Willy. When you’ve been around that element, it’s easy to translate it, and make it as close to reality as possible. Another big key was the music, and getting Gerard McMahon to do the score, and allowing me to use his music, giving it a lighter feel. It’s different from what you’ll be expecting. 

If you could tell people one thing about the film, what would it be?

It’s a true story, and you might love it or hate it, but it won’t leave you in between. 

Awesome! I know you said you were prepping another movie you’re working on. Anything you want to tell us about?

Yeah, we’re prepping H.P. Lovecraft’s Beyond the Wall of Sleep. Which will start shooting in December with Edward Furlong, Jake Busey, Bai Ling, and more. It’s kind of getting the band back together, from PIG KILLER.

That sounds interesting! We’ll definitely be keeping an ear out for more info on that! We really appreciate your time, Chad! Thanks for chatting with us!

Thank you!

You can catch PIG KILLER  in select theaters now, or on VOD, courtesy of Breaking Glass Pictures! 

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