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Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot’ Stars William Sadler as Kurt Barlow and Has Official Release Date

Don't look, but there is prolly a vampire outside your window!

by Trey Hilburn III

Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot is a release that I can totally get behind the idea of a remake on. The 1979 adaptation was a television event that left large portions from the book out of the film. Not to mention, the book is a bloody affair and unfortunately the rating didn’t allow for that. So, Gary Dauberman’s upcoming adaptation is the rare case of a remake that can improve drastically on the original.

In the 1979 adaptation Reggie Nalder brought big bad vampire Kurt Barlow to life. The Nosferatu -inspired vampire cut a terrifying silhouette and made the film a memorable experience. Nalder was fantastic in the role.

“Salem’s Lot”

This time around the remarkable William Sadler may take on the role of Barlow. We are expecting fantastic things with Sadler in the role. It will be exciting to see how Sadler compares to Nalder. While there still isn’t any 100 percent, solid confirmation on this just yet, it seems obvious. If you look at the IMDB credits you can see that Saddler is still blank. Added to that, the role of Barlow still hasn’t been cast. That is yet another unknown. role. I mean, it seems like a case of two plus two equaling four. But, I could be wrong.

… But dammit how awesome would it be if he does play the role.

Salem’s Lot has a great cast that includes Lewis Pullman (Bill Pullman’s son), William Sadler, Bill Camp, Spencer Treat Clark, John Benjamin Hickley, Makenzie Leigh, Alfre Woodard and more.

We can’t wait to see what Dauberman’s adaptation has in store. We will see when it arrives in theaters beginning Sept. 9.