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Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’ Reveals Richard Brake’s Augustus Wolfgang Character

We Do Love Us Some Richard Brake

by Trey Hilburn III

Richard Brake is one of our faves. The guys is a constant highlight of the films he radically graces. So, Rob Zombie’s latest character reveal from his upcoming The Munsters adaptation really has us excited.

As you know, Zombie has been dropping The Munsters production photos all over the place. From the film’s wardrobe to the house of 1313 Mockinbird Lane, we have had a plethora of great tidbits to keep us constantly excited.

The latest bit of news from Zombie’s Instagram reveals The Munsters Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang! The mad scientist himself.

MUNSTERS UPDATE! ☠️ Here is your first look at Richard Brake on set as Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang ☠️ Transylvania’s most popular Mad Scientist. I wonder what he has in store for our new world of Gods and Munsters ? ☠️

This photo has a bit of Zombie’s psychedelic colors that he used with House of 1000 Corpses. There is still no word on if the film is going to be color or if it’s going to go for classic black and white. I personally would be very excited to see this film in those aforementioned insane color palette from Corpses.

If you recall, House of 1000 Corpses even had an intro that was introduced by made up horror host Dr. Wolfenstein’s Creature Feature Show. I always felt like it was a loose mad scientist nod to Doctor Wolfgang.

We are still a ways off from this film’s completion and release. So, we are sure that there will be plenty more Munsters news to keep us going.


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