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Rob Zombie Unveils Photo of ‘The Munsters’ Igor Played by ‘Doctor Who’s’ Sylvester McCoy

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by Trey Hilburn III

Rob Zombie giveth and giveth and never taketh away. He keeps dropping the goods in terms of The Munsters production photo drops. We just shared a one of them earlier this week that featured Grandpa getting fit for a coffin. Daniel Roebuck is looking great as Grandpa to boot. In the latest photo Zombie shared, we finally get a look at Igor!

There are a couple of really cool things going on with this reveal. For one, Igor is being played by none other than Doctor Who’s Seventh Doc, Sylvester McCoy. Secondly, we are seriously loving this amazing vibrant slime green color. This is a pretty good indication that the film is not going to be black and white and instead embrace zombie’s Giallo inspired color schemes.


Rob zombie took to his socials to share the new photo and also had a bit to say about the new cast addition.

I am very excited to bring you all this exclusive shot direct from the set of The Munsters and announce the casting of SYLVESTER McCOY as IGOR, the loyal servant to the Munsters. ☠️ You may remember Sylvester as the 7th Doctor Who or perhaps as Radagast from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. 🦇 GET READY FOR IGOR!”

Both House of 1000 Corpses and Halloween II had sequences that were made up of otherworldly color palettes. They are very reminiscent of Italian horror in the Bava and Aregento era. It also calls to mind the colors of Hammer Films. Which ever it is drawn from, we are seriously loving the influence.

It’s fantastic to have Doctor Who power running in The Munsters as well! Sylvester McCoy was one of the best Docs of the series and I’m sure he is going to do great work alongside The Munsters fam.

McCoy joins Richard Brake, Sheri Moon Zombie, Daniel Roebuck and Jeff Daniel Phillips.