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Rob Zombie Shares Photo of Finished 1313 Mockingbird Lane; ‘Munsters’ House

Boy This is Shaping Up Nicely

by Trey Hilburn III

Rob Zombie seems to be going for authenticity with his upcoming adaptation of The Munsters. We have seen quite a bit of the film’s production thanks to Zombie sharing a slew of photos via his Instagram. In his latest he shared an amazing picture of The Munster’s home!

1313 Mockingbird Lane is all finished and it is looking fantastically authentic. Zombie shared an image of himself standing outside the house with a message that read, “Greetings from Hungary, aka 1313 Mockingbird lane”.

Production of The Munsters is going down in Hungary and Zombie appears to be making his production area a very real home for The Munsters.

So far, we have had a look at makeup prosthetics including the top of Herman’s head. A look at Herman’s leather racing jacket The Punk Rods, photos of wardrobe from the set and more. If you aren’t following him yet, you definitely should.

There was quite a bit of controversy and discourse when Zombie was announced to be the one heading up the adaptation, but in a strange way, it is shaping up to be exactly what the production needed. Zombie is a lifelong fan of the series so much so that The Munster’s family car is featured in his video, and the song Dragula comes from Herman’s famous racer, Drag-U-la.

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