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Rob Zombie Shares a Beautifully Colored Photo of ‘The Munsters’

So It Is Not Black and White

by Trey Hilburn III

Well, it looks like this will not be in black and white after all, y’all. The Munsters have been receiving some really great looking behind the scenes photos from Rob Zombie’s socials. We have noticed that some of them have been beautifully saturated with colors. These colors are of course homage to early Hammer pictures where lots of unnatural greens and reds filled the frames. The latest photo of Lily, Grandpa and Herman is more of that beautiful saturation.

It also brings to mind Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses in which he used plenty of psychedelic colors throughout. Its an interesting reveal because this entire time we here at iHorror weren’t sure if Zombie’s The Munsters was going to be in color or if it was going to go with the classic black and white look. Don’t get me wrong, Zombie might still make certain segments black and white but for the most part we are seeing a ton of color on these monitors.

The Munsters 2022 Horror movies

via Rob Zombie’s Instagram

“A view from my monitor. 💀 Three very tired Munsters trying to conserve their energy between takes. ⚡️ It’s been a tough one for this trio. Three hours in makeup – 14 hours of shooting – one hour of clean up. Then a drive back to the hotel, grab a few zzz and straight back on set. 🦇 It’s definitely the end of a long day here. Outside the stage the ☀️ is definitely beginning to rise. Working from sunrise to sunrise.” Zombie wrote on his socials.

We have seen a lot of character reveals that have included Richard Brake, Jorge Garcia, Sylvester McCoy, Cassandra ‘Elvira’ Peterson and more. The photos have also given us looks at The Munsters home, vehicle and more.

We can’t wait to get a full trailer for this one. Its going to be great to see the actual direction this takes. So far the biggest and most surprising reveal has been the PG rating that The Munsters comes loaded with.