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[REVIEW] ‘Terrifier Book One’ – A BEAUTIFUL Graphic Novel

by Ryan T. Cusick

With the sequel for the 2016 slasher film Terrifier just around the corner, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to check out the new graphic novel of Damien Leone’s killer clown slasher! When I had first realized that comic book artist Steve McGinnis would be in charge of the illustrations on this limited edition, I couldn’t contain myself; I knew that we would be receiving something special! I did not doubt that through McGinni’s illustrations, he would bring Art, the Clown to life. And he most certainly did; that clown jumped off the pages!

‘Terrifier Book One’ – Courtesy of Steve McGinnis

of Steve McGinnisIn the graphic novel, like in the film, a crazy clown named Art terrorizes a group of women and everyone else who decides to get in his way on Halloween night. I know this word is difficult to swallow because of all the havoc and bloody carnage that Art the clown causes, but these illustrations are BEAUTIFUL! The vibrant colors, the attention to detail, everything flows together, barely any dialogue is needed, the pictures tell the story. Terrifier Book One has a clear beginning, middle, and end, and I believe that book one, along with the other two books, will attract more fan-based when released. Overall I believe the Terrifier is an underrated film; the first film was absolutely terrifying and crazy! Book one is a nice companion piece with no problem tiding us over until the second film is released.

I cannot reiterate how much I enjoyed McGinnis’s illustrations; his artwork has a particular look and feel. I can spot it when someone shares it on social media without even knowing it’s his beforehand. We here at iHorror dig it and try and share his gift with horror fans whenever we have the opportunity.

Truth be told, I had never given graphic novels a chance; I had glanced at a few over the years, but this one really has sparked my interest, and to hold and tangible copy and that experience is something the digital world cannot replace, at least not yet.

‘Terrifier Book One’ – Courtesy of Steve McGinnis

‘Terrifier Book One’ – Courtesy of Steve McGinnis

Written by Damien Leone and Illustrated by comic book artist Steve McGinnis.


A Chat With Illustrator Steve McGinnis

I had an amazing opportunity to ask Illustrator Steve McGinnis a few questions; enjoy!

iHorror: How long did it take for you to complete the illustrations on this project? Was there anything particularly challenging?

Steve McGinnis: It took about 5 months to illustrate, color, and letter the entire book. At first, I did find it a bit of a challenge because I’ve never translated a movie to a graphic novel form before. When I worked on my books Rise of the Harvester, I had the story in my head and just drew it. With Terrifier, I wanted to keep true to the work Damien, and the entire cast did. It was amazing that Damien wanted to add my own flair to it. So, I was able to change some Pov’s and add some new scenes.

iH: How did you become involved with this project?

SM: Damien and I started communicating after I drew the Scooby-doo Terrifier cross-over. I was then asked to do the illustration for the VHS Terrifier cover, and from there, I’ve been illustrating on and off for Damien. I think it was Aug 14th of last year when he gave me a call and asked if I would illustrate the Terrifier graphic novel. I was floored; I loved the Terrifier movie, and to get a chance to illustrate it was a once-in-a-lifetime project. I said YES, and the book started.

iH: Are you going to be involved with issue #2? If so, are you at liberty to discuss anything?

SM: Yes, I am. I’m actually 50 pages into book #2. All I can say is, if you found the hacksaw scene savage in the movie, wait till you see it in the book. If you like hardcore guts and gore, this is the book for you.

iH: What techniques and resources did you use to design the illustrations for the Terrifier Graphic Novel?

SM: I work in many mediums, but I mostly used digital illustration for the comics. Mostly for the speed, and it’s print-ready once completed.

iH: When did you first start doing illustrations? & Have your illustrations always been within the horror genre?

SM: I have always been drawing since I was a little guy. I was nonstop. Everything that I could draw on had drawings on it. Books, notepads, newspapers drove my family nuts.  I loved horror from a very young age. I watched Jaws on one of those big laserdiscs, and it scared the hell out of me, but I liked that rush of adrenaline you get from the scares. Soon I was watching and drawing everything in horror.

iH: How do you get inspired to produce a piece of artwork?

SM: Typically, through music. I love music. I can take you to a place in time or to places you’ve never been. I listen to many different genres, so I can choose what suits the art best.

iH: What do you do to overcome a creative block?

SM: Creative block is the worst. I used to try and push through it and became more and more frustrated. Now, I’ll go for a long mountain bike ride, hit the gym, or take a long drive in the country with the windows down.

iH: Thank you, Steve! We look forward to checking out book #2 when it arrives!

Be sure to check back with iHorror.com for updates on book #2 and more Terrifier!

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Copies of Terrifier Book One are available to order now from the Terrifier shop.

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