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Review: ‘Creepshow’ Season 2’s Dead And Breakfast/Pesticide Guaranteed To Make You Laugh and Make Your Skin Crawl



Creepshow started off with a gory bang last week with the season 2 premiere featuring a plethora of monsters and Kandarian demons. Now we’re back with episode 2 and as the saying goes: expect the unexpected!

The first story, Dead and Breakfast concerns Pam and Sam Spinster, a sister and brother (Ali Larter,  Final Destination 1 and 2 & C. Thomas Howell, The Hitcher) as they attempt to strike ghoulish gold from the murder tourism industry. Their grandmother ran a bed and breakfast where she allegedly stalked and murdered scores of victims… though there’s no real evidence to prove it and attendance is at an all-time low. Desperate to increase their notoriety, Sam brings in a vlogger and murder site influencer named Morgue (Iman Benson, Alexa & Katie) to bring them some much needed internet publicity. But as things come to a head with their increasingly unimpressed guest, Sam and Pam may take more drastic measures to put their business on the map…

A horrifyingly hilarious satire of the murder tourism industry from Tales of Halloween and The Haunting of Bly Manor director Axelle Carolyn and written by Dude Bro Party Massacre III scribes Michael Rousselet and Erik Sandoval, this out of many Creepshow stories so far felt the most current. Tackling the cottage industry of carnage and taking some swipes at influencer culture as well. While bemoaning their financial woes, Pam Spinster even notes with envy how the domiciles of Lizzie Borden, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy do substantial business as vacation destinations.

This was a fun as hell tourist trap tale with some great performances from the main trio, particularly Larter’s increasing animosity at bed and breakfast’s skeptical vlogger guest. The set for The Spinster Murder house featured some elaborate and befitting pieces that you won’t soon forget and I like how the flashback to the alleged Spinster murders were told in part by the Creepshow comic book style panels.  I don’t want to get into it too deeply, but there were plenty of karmic twists and turns and thrills to keep you hooked and in pure Creepshow spirit.

Our next story is Pesticide, following a sleazy and arrogant exterminator named Harlan King (Played by The Walking Dead‘s Josh McDermitt). Harlan makes a killing by killing bugs, though he doesn’t do a great job and actually likes to plant insects so his customers will have to call him back, such as a psychologist Brenda played by Hellraiser‘s Ashley Laurence. But he still has aspirations for even more vermin based glory. Opportunity knocks in the form of Murdoch (Keith David, They Live) a wealthy real estate magnate who is looking to redevelop some derelict land… but first, he wants the homeless people living on it exterminated. And Harlan seems like the greedy bugkiller for the job.

Directed by showrunner Greg Nicotero and written by Frank Dietz (Monstrkyd Manor) this was an interesting Creepshow tale in that it was much more a character study and more of a psychological horror than the creepy crawly creature feature I was expecting. McDermitt does a stand-out job as the loathsome and pathetic Harlan King, the kind of guy who uses his profession to kill insects and vermin just to feel better about himself while also screwing over clientele over perceived slights and to line his wallet.

Keith David is as charismatic as ever as the enigmatic Murdoch, serving as the proverbial devil on Harlan’s shoulder. Encouraging his worst impulses and tempting him to complete his homeless human extermination for him. While not a monster mash I was expecting, Pesticide still exhibits some nightmare and arachnophobic practical FX. Without spoiling too much, you will see some big bad bugs and critters haunt Harlan as he becomes swarmed with fear.

This was another fine edition to the sophomore season of Creepshow and only makes me hungry to see what horrors will be unleashed next week!

Creepshow airs new episodes every Thursday on Shudder.

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Watch ‘Terrifier 2’ Now For Free on Tubi




Terrifier 2 is one of those releases that makes us want to watch it over and over and over again. That re-watchability has pulled us back in a few times. That is why the news that Terrifier 2 being on Peacock for free is so rad. Time to get in a few more rewatches.

The return of Art the Clown managed to bring a hell of a lot of good and bad press with it. The fact that people threw up in theaters… or maybe pretended to sure did make a lot of people come out to see the film. Of course, that is awesome news for the film and its hardworking filmmakers.

The synopsis for Terrifier 2 goes like this:

Resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County to terrorize a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.

If you haven’t watched Terrifier 2 yet what are you waiting for? You need to give it a look. It is one of those incredibly brutal slashers that have staying power.

Head over to Tubi and give Terrifier 2 a watch. If you hadn’t seen it before make sure to let us know what you think.

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‘Hocus Pocus 3’ Has Been Confirmed At Disney



Hocus Pocus was a huge hit. The sequel managed to do really well on Disney+ and scared up a whole lot of candy corn and celebration. It managed to be a huge hit over the Halloween season and we were pretty pleased with it ourselves.

Well, the great news is that Disney’s Sean Baily went ahead and straight up confirmed that there will be a third Hocus Pocus film. The involvement of new witches Whitney BaileyBelissa Escobedo and Lilia Buckingham is all but confirmed.

We could be looking at a stand alone series with the new witches involved or it could be possible that we may see a lot more of The Sanderson Sisters. We are really hoping to see the classic sisters. They are the heart of Hocus Pocus for me and that feeling isn’t going to be replaced anytime soon.

Hocus Pocus 2 went like this:

Three young women accidentally bring back the Sanderson Sisters to modern day Salem and must figure out how to stop the child-hungry witches from wreaking havoc on the world.

Are you excited about a sequel to Hocus Pocus? Are you hoping to see more Sanderson Sisters? Let us know in the comments section.

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5 New Horror Movies You Can Stream Starting This Week



I am old enough to remember when after a new horror movie’s theatrical release, you would have to wait six months before you could find it at the local video store. That’s if it was even released in the area where you lived.

Some movies were viewed once and lost into the void forever. They were very dark times. Fortunately for us, streaming services have cut that wait down to a fraction of the time. This week we have some big hitters coming to VOD, so let’s jump right in.


Renfield Poster

Nicolas Cage (The Wicker Man) is really hard to put a label on. He has been in so many terrific films, while also ruining one of the greatest folk horror films ever made. For better or worse, his over-the-top acting has placed him in a special place in the hearts of many.

In this iteration of Dracula, he is joined by Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies), and Awkwafina (The Little Mermaid). Renfield looks to be a more lighthearted take on the classic Bram Stoker tale. We can only hope that the awkward lovable style of Hoult mingles well with the zaniness that Cage is known for. Renfield will be streaming on Peacock June 9th.


Tony Todd (Candy Man) is one of horror’s greatest living icons. The man has a way of making evil sexy in an unmatched way. Joining Tony in this period piece is the marvelous Sheri Davis (The Amityville Moon).

This one feels fairly cut and dry. We get some old-timey racism which leads to a curse that haunts the land to this day. Mix in some voodoo for good measure and we have ourselves a horror movie. If you want an older feel to your new horror movie, this one’s for you. Devilreaux will be released to video on demand services on June 9th.

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster Poster

I have discussed my excitement over this film once before. Not only do we get a modern retelling of Dracula this week. We also get to look at Frankenstein’s monster through a new lens. It’s going to be a good week for classic literature fans.

This film has an amazing cast behind it. We get performances from Denzel Whitaker (The Great Debaters), Laya DeLeon Hayes (God of War: Ragnarök), and Chad L. Coleman (The Walking Dead). If creature features are more your thing, this is the film to watch this week.

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster will hit video on demand services on June 9th.

Brooklyn 45

Brooklyn 45 Movie Poster

If you aren’t already subscribed to Shudder, now is the time to try out a free trial. The Shudder originals can often be hit or miss. But they normally include some of the standout horror films of the year.

Brooklyn 45 looks like it is going to be one of the good ones. Already receiving massive praise before its release, the hype on this one has me excited. Starring Anne Ramsey (The Taking of Deborah Logan), Ron Rains (Teacher), and Jeremy Holm (Mr. Robot). Brooklyn 45 is my most anticipated new horror film this week. Brooklyn 45 will hit shudder June 9th.

She Came from the Woods

She Came from the Woods Movie Poster

Tubi has been playing its hand at making its own horror films for a while now. Up until this point they have been less than stellar. But after seeing the trailer for She Came from the Woods, I have hope that’s all about to change.

This film isn’t giving us anything new, it’s an old camp legend gone awry. But what it is giving us is William Sadler (Tales from the Crypt) right back where he belongs. Fighting ghosts with a shotgun and loving every minute of it. If you are looking for a new horror movie that is easy to digest, this is the one for you. She Came from the Woods will hit Tubi June 10th.

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