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‘Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter’ Introduces Us to a Dude Who Loves Killin’ Nazis

If You Loved 'Inglorious Basterds' and 'Enemy at the Gates' This Is For You

by Trey Hilburn III

The Nazis were pretty nasty and all – but it wasn’t anything compared the guerrilla-like warfare that Soviets served up when the Wehrmacht set its crosshairs on Russia. What followed was a frozen nightmare. A nightmare that the Nazi’s couldn’t fight in due to freezing and starving. Meanwhile, the Soviets were at home in the subzero climate. Now on top of all that, imagine a terrifying dude known as The Red Ghost who is all about making mincemeat out of Nazis.

The first trailer for Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter gives us a lot of gory-combat and hard as nails pulp characters that combine to gives us something that looks like a fun ride. It also looks to take the Quentin Tarantino route of mixing up select historical events. I’m not sure exactly how far those narrative liberties are going to go, but the trailer gave us a nice start.

The official synopsis for Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter goes like this:

Vyazma, USSR. WWII, 1941. A mythical lone-wolf fighter, known as The Red Ghost, roams the Russian forests sniping and killing Nazis one by one. He’s so destructive that a special unit of the Nazis’ Wehrmacht is ordered to search for and kill him. Simultaneously, a band of Soviet soldiers behind enemy lines trudge through the snow, hopeful to find safety, warmth and vodka. Instead, they find themselves trapped at a farm and surrounded by the Wehrmacht unit against whom they must fight to the death – but not without the help of The Red Ghost.

Dark Sky Films’ Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter is headed to digital on February 15.