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‘Mortal Kombat 2’ is Now Officially Underway at New Line

Finish Him! Again.

by Trey Hilburn III

A sequel to Mortal Kombat is now underway at New Line. This time – Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater is going to pen this venture into Outworld. The first film managed to batter up 83.6 million at the box-office. At the time HBO Max also premiered the film on its streaming platform on the exact same day as theatrical release. It managed to do pretty well considering the constraints of theaters at the time due to COVID lockdowns.


Slater recently wrote Moon Knight for Disney+. The series stars Oscar Issac and Ethan Hawke in a supernatural outing that is expected to reveal Marvel’s darker side with characters like Blade and Ghost Rider.

So far, there are no details as to what direction this entry will go, but we are hoping at the very least that we actually get to see a Mortal Kombat Tournament in this Mortal Kombat. The first film didn’t feature the tournament that is suppose to be the very basis of Mortal Kombat. Instead Shang Tsung and cronies tried to kill Raiden and his squad prior to tournament in order to get a jump on the team and to rule Earthworld.

What are you hoping to see in Mortal Kombat 2? Any particular characters you hope make the cut?