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Michael C. Hall Reacts to Shocking Moments From ‘Dexter’

To Be Fair I had Forgot Some of These Too

by Trey Hilburn III

Dexter has had a long run on Showtime. So long in fact that Dexter himself has some trouble remembering some of the big, classic, shocking moments from the series. Michael C. Hall sits down for a segment with Absolute Radio to go over a couple of the big key moments from the series’ past.

There are a lot of badass moments here to choose from, but I really love the fact that at one point Dexter straight-up went Jason Voorhees on a kid and impaled him through an entire mattress. I mean, how big of a slasher moment is that?

Of course, one of the iconic moments is from season four. Arguably the series’ greatest season. It is the season that featured John Lithgow as The Trinity Killer. If you recall that season ended with one of the darkest moments in television history. Man, I can still recall that taking the absolute wind out of me.

It’s great to watch Hall go through these moments and reflect on what that moment meant to him on a personal level, but also, what he feels that meant to Dexter. If anyone would know how Dex felt it would be Hall.

Personally, I still have to go with the big Jason Voorhees impalement moment. Partially, because it is so out of place and yet so badass. What is your favorite moment?

Dexter: New Blood is currently airs on Sunday nights via Showtime. The first episode, Cold Snap just premiered on Nov. 7 with a second episode on its way Nov. 14.

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