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Killer Turned Victims into Delicious Hamburgers

"no one can tell the difference"

by Piper St. James

Revenge killer Joe Metheny began his festering anger when his wife took their child and ran away from home in Baltimore, Maryland. This was the spark that began it all.

When Metheny was apprehended in 2016 he confessed to his crimes, and blamed his all consuming need for revenge on his wife and the man she left him for. However, it was this rage that created and fed something deeper inside of him.

While the anger fueled his mission, Metheny came across many victims who just happened to find themselves crossing his path in life. As an outlet for his aggression and resentment of being recently abandoned, the once happy husband needed an outlet for his rage; and that outlet was murder, rape, and dismemberment.

Most of these men and women who happened to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time were drifters, the homeless, and prostitutes. People no one would notice were gone or missing.

This may sound similar to stories you’ve heard in the past, but what separates Metheny from your “common” killer is how he disposed of the bodies of his unsuspecting victims.

Metheny dismembered their bodies, gathered their flesh and meat, and mixed it into the ground pork and beef he used to make hamburgers. He would then sell these hamburgers at his roadside stand.

The killer claimed the bodies had a similar taste to ground pork. He stated, “If you mix it together [with ground meat] no one can tell the difference.” In fact, never had a single customer, and consumer of his crimes ever complained about the taste of their meal.
As for the parts of the bodies that were not suitable for Hamburger Helper, Metheny buried them in a truck lot.

It appeared his crimes were no longer revenge-based. Instead, when Metheny’s freezer ran low he would go out and search for another poor soul for that special ingredient in his hamburgers he served to his customers.  He appeared to have a real taste for the killing.

By the time he was arrested he claimed to have killed 10 people. He told authorities “The only thing I feel bad about in any of this is I didn’t get to murder the two motherfuckers I was really after, and that’s ex ole lady and the bastard she got hooked up with.”

Metheny spent just under a decade in prison after receiving two life sentences without parole for the murders of Kathy Spicer and Cathy Ann Magaziner.

In 2017 he was found dead in his cell by a prison guard. He was 62 years old.