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‘La Noria’: A Gorgeous, Must-See Horror Short of 2018

by Eric Panico

Could we please talk about Carlos Baena’s short film La Noria for a minute? If you haven’t heard of this stunning film yet, it will undoubtedly be on your 2018 must-see list after this article.

Carlos Baena is an award-winning animator, whose impressive filmography includes A-list movies like Finding Dory, Wall-E, and Toy Story 3. After lending his talents to studios like ILM, Paramount Pictures, and Pixar, he has since branched out to bring his own passion project La Noria to life. The result looks like Monsters Inc. meets Insidious.

‘La Noria’ via NightWheel Pictures

This emotional, eerie film is about a little boy who comes face-to-face with terrifying creatures after experiencing a terrible loss. Baena is writing and directing the film himself to tell this deeply personal and dark tale. The Indiegogo page reveals the filmmaker is putting his own personal demons on screen.

Here’s a clip from Indiegogo:

“Having found himself in a dark and difficult emotional situation at one point in his life, Carlos always wanted to tell a story based on the dark and emotional journey in a very visual way.”

Baena has assembled an all-star team of industry professionals for the project. He found many of them could relate to the story of struggle and darkness that drove him to create the film. The crew’s staggering skills shine through, as La Noria’s gorgeously cinematic teaser trailer rivals big-budget productions.

La Noria will be stepping outside the comfort zone of most animated theatrical releases by touching upon some heavy subject matters. The short is being produced by Sasha Korellis under NightWheel Pictures, which is an independent film company started by Baena and Korellis in 2011. Their website states the company’s focus is “creating a new vision for animation and VFX films exploring darker, complex and emotional themes.”

La Noria demonstrates versatility of animation as a medium that could be used in Hollywood for far more than just kids films. The unique marriage of charming animation and atmospheric horror looks to be creating something truly special.

There’s no official release date as of yet; however, the film’s Facebook page states it should be complete sometime later in 2018. We’ll definitely keep you posted on any updates!

‘La Noria’ via NightWheel Pictures

In the meantime, support the film by donating to their Indiegogo! Donations of $15 or more will receive a digital download of the film as soon as it’s completed. There are plenty of other cool perks available as well for donators.

Check out the spooky trailer below, and let us know what you think in the comment section!