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A Rest Stop Becomes a Tense, Two-Fisted Nightmare in ‘Seek’

Rest Stops Are Terrifying

by Trey Hilburn III

Director and co-writer Aaron Morgan and fellow co-writer Eric Vespe come out swinging terror all over the dang place with their latest nightmarish, short film offering, Seek.

Seek follows two quarreling sisters who decide to stop off at a rest stop on a long road trip. If you recall, a scene in Trainspotting that featured “the worst toilet in Scotland,” Seek easily boasts the worst toilet in the United States. Of course, it isn’t long before one of the sisters discovers that a hellish toilet isn’t the scariest thing lurking in the rest stop.

The direction is executed really well, and manages to create a hell of a lot of tension within its five minute runtime. This is also owed to some very well structured editing by Greg MacLennan of Electric Owl Creative.

Seek is a nice little horror show that is perfect for the spooky season. My suggestion is to turn out the lights and turn the volume up to 11 and enjoy this awesome gem of a short.

The short stars Allisyn Snyder, Clare Grant, and Steve Agee. It also features some truly rad practical effects by two-time Academy Award-nominee Arjen Tuiten (who worked on Pans Labyrinth and Ghostbusters: Afterlife).

For more information on Seek, head over HERE.