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Jason Blum Totally Into a ‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’ Sequel

A Direct Sequel to Halloween III!

by Trey Hilburn III
Halloween III

Upon release, Halloween III: Season of the Witch pissed off a whole bunch of people. I mean, a whole bunch. When Michael Myers didn’t show up on screen following the first two Halloween films, audiences all but rioted. The film was sadly buried. You can’t keep a good film down though. So, Halloween III found its audience via its new cult status.

The original plan created by Deborah Hill and John Carpenter for Halloween was that the films would act as an anthology series. Each being about something totally different that went down on Halloween night. A cool idea indeed! Can you imagine how many cool films would have come out of that series? But, the general audience’s and studios got behind Michael Myers and decided to never let him die both in film and out.

In a recent interview with Scare Magazine, Jason Blum discussed the idea of creating a direct sequel to Halloween III: Season of the Witch! When the idea was brought up Blum simply said that he would definitely have interest in working on that.

However, this is just a bit of talk from the producer. A producer that has a lot of other films on the horizon as is. So, while it would be cool to see where a Tom Atkins starring direct sequel to Halloween III would go, it will probably just end up being a cool conversation.

But, the internet is a funny thing. If enough folks cry out for a Blumhouse Halloween III sequel, then maybe it will happen eventually! Who knows!

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