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‘IT: Chapter 2’ Begins Filming This Summer

by Michael Carpenter

Hey you, did you see IT last year? Judging by the Stephen King adaptations’ sky-high box office receipts, the answer is probably yes.

Thankfully, director’s Andy Muschietti’s film wasn’t a case of popularity not being equaled by quality, with IT being chosen as the favorite 2017 horror film of many fans. For the record, that includes me, with Get Out coming in at #2.

The good news is that the IT story will continue on the big screen, in the form of sequel IT: Chapter 2. The bad news is that the sequel – which will focus on the Losers’ Club as adults – isn’t slated to hit theaters until September 6th, 2019.

While that seems like – and is – a long time in the future, the actual production process on IT: Chapter 2 is set to begin fairly soon. According to Omega Underground, the sequel will begin filming on June 18th.

Filming will take place in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada, much as it did for the first IT film. The small town of Port Hope was transformed into Derry before, and the plan is likely to perform that same movie magic again.

Casting for the adult Losers’ still has yet to be announced, although Jessica Chastain seems like a lock to play the adult version of Bev. Not only has she publicly expressed interest in the role, but she’s worked with director Muschietti before on the horror film Mama.