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Herman Munster Racing is Coming to Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’

Rob Zombie Dropped a Big Clue

by Trey Hilburn III

The roll up to Rob Zombie’s The Munsters is going to be a rough one to get through since Zombie is dropping clues all over the place via his Instagram. Most recently, Zombie dropped an image of part of Herman Munster’s wardrobe and it can only mean one thing.

The image that Zombie released on his Insta is a shot of Herman’s leather jacket with “The Punk Rods” written across the back. This can only mean one thing. Herman Munster is going to be getting back into racing.

In the classic series, Herman got into the world of automobile challenges. The series had some very cool cars to back up that world. First we had the Munster Koach and then we had the very cool hot rod, Drag-U-la.

Zombie wrote, “A sneak peek at a piece of Herman’s wardrobe.???? I am sure you Munster maniacs will recognize.”

He isn’t wrong fans of the show definitely know what this jacket entails! At first the announcement of Zombie’s The Munsters film perplexed us.  However, now we are getting pretty damned excited since Zombie appears to be treating the material with the upmost adoration.

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