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Hellish New Statue Unveiled in London; What Were They Thinking?!

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There’s a new statue on public display in London that is meant to “inspire” and “delight” those who pass it on their daily commute, though we’re thinking words like “terrify,” “horrify” and “petrify” are more fitting for this particular piece of art.

It’s called ‘She Guardian,’ and Russian artist Dashi Namdakov has spent the last two years sculpting the towering figure out of four massive tons of bronze. Measuring 36-feet high, the artist says the attention-grabbing piece expresses a sense of maternal protectiveness, which we totally understand.

But here’s the thing. IT’S A FLYING DEMON DOG FROM HELL.

With wings, cloven hooves, and a set of fangs that would make Dracula jealous, ‘She Guardian’ looks like the sort of creature you’d expect to see guarding the gates of Hell, and perhaps even being ridden around by Satan himself. The sculpture is downright nightmarish, and I’m not sure I’m inspired or delighted.

But Councillor Robert Davis, deputy leader of Westminster City Council, insists that is the intended reaction.

Marble Arch is our prime location for which we only use the best possible work,” said Davis. “Hopefully this piece will inspire and delight in equal measure.”

Check out a few photos of ‘She Guardian’ below, and let us know what you think. Thanks to Now. Here. This. for bringing the statue to our attention.

She Guardian

She Guardian

She Guardian

She Guardian

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