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Head Trauma: 8 Great Scenes of Gore Above The Shoulders



The headline photo of this article from Friday the 13th Part 3 looks really fake. But in the early 80s… yeah, it still looked pretty unconvincing. That being said it was in 3D and everyone wearing those uncomfortable glasses screamed (then laughed) watching that scene in the theater. It was pretty cool.

As times have changed so too are the ways filmmakers create special effects. Since the scenes in the list below involve the head, you couldn’t put the actor in danger just to get the shot. That means practical effects engineers have to come up with something to pull off the gag.


Final Destination 2

Driving behind logging trucks became an instant trigger after the release of Final Destination 2. The massive highway pile-up premonition is one of the most memorable in the franchise.

Poor officer Thomas Burke can’t avoid a spilled log as it crashes into the driver’s-side windshield and ultimately through his head.

Friday the 13th Part 3

Paramount Pictures

Although the gimmick looked cheap (as mentioned above), there was a lot of work that went into 3D movies from the 80s. Filmmakers had to invent ways to make it work even if that included ruining the effect because of exposed fishing wire or other visible gadgetry.

Let’s face it, the tech was rudimentary. However, that didn’t stop us from paying money to see it, and when we learned that Friday the 13th III was going to use this contrivance, we leaned into the hype.

There were a few great moments in the movie, including this one where poor Rick got his skull crushed by Jason. It may look cheesier now than it did then, but it was one of the highlights of the movie.

Scanners (1981)

Talk about movie buzz, perhaps this is the most memorable of all the horror movie head trauma. When Scanners was released in 1981 it was actually the cover of Fangoria magazine that spoiled this effects showstopper for everyone.

The issue, although hidden in the 18 and over section of bookstores, gave away the classic Cronenberg ending with the image of a headless torso emitting smoke and viscera.

That image alone got the public interested in this movie and they weren’t disappointed when they finally got to see the film and this famous scene.

Planet Terror (2007)

This jump scare comes out of nowhere, and it was a bit emotional because the character was pretty cool.

Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror has some great special effects, but since it is an homage to schlocky grindhouse movies of the 70s the viewer is never sure if the director meant some of them to resemble the low-budget feel of that period.

That anxiety was triggered even further by the unexpected and realistic death of Abby (Naveen Andrews) in the film.

Hereditary (2018)


Ari Aster’s masterpiece is all about head trauma. So it would be remiss to not include the centerpiece, and most memorable plot twist, that of Charlie being decapitated by a telephone pole.

The scene is so unexpected and tragic, it was all anyone could talk about following its release. To avoid spoilers, when people discussed the movie, they would refer to it as “that scene,” and if you knew, you knew.

The Thing (2011)

This poor movie never gets the love it deserves, mostly because people didn’t know if it was a remake, a reboot, a requel? But it stands on its own as a fearsome entry into The Thing universe with some great special effects, both practical and digital.

If you are a diehard fan of the original you can appreciate what director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. was trying to accomplish here, which was to try and capture the anxious tension of the original but also give fans what they really came for: the gore!

Deadly Friend (1986)

Deadly Friend: Warner Bros.

Raise your hand if you miss Wes Craven. Move over M3GAN, there was a killer “robot” way before your circuits were built. Her name was Sam and although she was born human (she is resurrected via a microchip), her skills are just as murderous and R-rated.

Coming off her role as the slapstick villain in the pirate adventure film The Goonies, distinctive actress Anne Ramsey was cast as a serious villain in Deadly Friend. It was a little disturbing to see her death scene in the latter film after her comedic performance in the former.

Watch out PG-13 M3GAN, there was an R-rated version of you back in 1986.

Jigsaw (2017)

There is so much body horror in the Saw franchise, it’s hard to pick just one. As far as horror movie head trauma goes, this makes the list because of its uniqueness and effect.

Detective Halloran (Callum Keith Rennie) gets the evil plan re-cap from Logan (Matt Passmore) just before his head gets split open by lasers.

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‘King On Screen’ Trailer – A New Stephen King Documentary, Coming Soon



Today the official trailer has been released for a new documentary, King on Screen, that Dark Star Pictures has acquired the North American rights.

Over the years, Stephen King has gained recognition as an immensely popular and prolific author known for his mastery of horror, supernatural, and suspense. His writing style is often characterized by vivid descriptions and compelling characters, and he just has an overall knack for building that suspense that we’ve all come to enjoy.

King has the ability to create a sense of unease and terror in everyday settings; this has become quite a hallmark for the author. The dark side of human nature and how people treat each other is another trademark King often delivers within his characters.

The Synopsis: 1976; Brian de Palma directs Carrie, the first novel by Stephen King. Since then, more than 50 directors have adapted the master of horror’s books into more than 80 films and series, making him the most adapted author alive in the world. What’s so fascinating about him that filmmakers cannot stop adapting his works? KING ON SCREEN reunites the filmmakers that have adapted Stephen King’s books for cinema and TV, including Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Walking Dead), Tom Holland (The Langoliers, Chucky), Mick Garris (The Stand, Sleepwalkers) and Taylor Hackford (Dolores Claiborne, Ray). It is a movie made for the fans and with the fans, led by an international ambition.

Interviews also include Tim Curry, James Can, Dee Wallace, Mark L. Lester, Mike Flanagan, Vincenzo Natali, and Greg Nicotero. Directed by Daphné Baiwir

The documentary will be in select theaters on August 11, 2023, and On Demand and Blu-Ray on September 8, 2023.

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A New Supernatural Thriller – ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ Is In The Works



A new supernatural thriller, Hell Hath No Fury, is currently in the works. (not to be confused with the 2021 film with the same title). Miles Crawford (Babylon), Sharlene Rädlein (Spinning Out of Control), Brooke Butler (Ozark), Jamie Zevallos (The Skulleton), and Lorenzo Antonucci (Paradise City) have signed on to the Karbis Sarafyan and Andrew Pearce-produced thriller film.

Written by Dennis Wilder and directed by Rustam Vakilov, Hell Hath No Fury follows Aidan (Crawford), an agnostic psychiatrist who runs a residential facility while grieving the loss of his newborn child with his wife.  When one of his patients is brutally murdered just as a beautiful new employee comes into his life, he tries to balance saving his marriage with preventing the facility from closing.  As the story progresses, Aidan must confront his own lack of faith as he realizes that these frightening new circumstances are anything but natural.  

“The plot features a thrilling mix of psychological drama, horror, and supernatural elements that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats,” said producer Sarafyan. “It is a stroy about grief, faith, and the power of the human spirit to overcome even the most challenigng obstacles.”

Not much more is known about this new thriller. Check out the cast’s photos below, and check back with for more information on Hell Hath No Fury.

Lorenzo Antonucci – Photo by Michael Roud 
Jaime Zevallos – Photo by OG Photography 
Brooke Butler – Photo by Bonnie Nichoalds
Miles Crawford – Photo by Damu Malik 
Sharlene Rädlein – Photo by  Coco Jourdana 
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5 New Horror Movies You Can Stream Starting This Week



I am old enough to remember when after a new horror movie’s theatrical release, you would have to wait six months before you could find it at the local video store. That’s if it was even released in the area where you lived.

Some movies were viewed once and lost into the void forever. They were very dark times. Fortunately for us, streaming services have cut that wait down to a fraction of the time. This week we have some big hitters coming to VOD, so let’s jump right in.


Renfield Poster

Nicolas Cage (The Wicker Man) is really hard to put a label on. He has been in so many terrific films, while also ruining one of the greatest folk horror films ever made. For better or worse, his over-the-top acting has placed him in a special place in the hearts of many.

In this iteration of Dracula, he is joined by Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies), and Awkwafina (The Little Mermaid). Renfield looks to be a more lighthearted take on the classic Bram Stoker tale. We can only hope that the awkward lovable style of Hoult mingles well with the zaniness that Cage is known for. Renfield will be streaming on Peacock June 9th.


Tony Todd (Candy Man) is one of horror’s greatest living icons. The man has a way of making evil sexy in an unmatched way. Joining Tony in this period piece is the marvelous Sheri Davis (The Amityville Moon).

This one feels fairly cut and dry. We get some old-timey racism which leads to a curse that haunts the land to this day. Mix in some voodoo for good measure and we have ourselves a horror movie. If you want an older feel to your new horror movie, this one’s for you. Devilreaux will be released to video on demand services on June 9th.

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster Poster

I have discussed my excitement over this film once before. Not only do we get a modern retelling of Dracula this week. We also get to look at Frankenstein’s monster through a new lens. It’s going to be a good week for classic literature fans.

This film has an amazing cast behind it. We get performances from Denzel Whitaker (The Great Debaters), Laya DeLeon Hayes (God of War: Ragnarök), and Chad L. Coleman (The Walking Dead). If creature features are more your thing, this is the film to watch this week.

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster will hit video on demand services on June 9th.

Brooklyn 45

Brooklyn 45 Movie Poster

If you aren’t already subscribed to Shudder, now is the time to try out a free trial. The Shudder originals can often be hit or miss. But they normally include some of the standout horror films of the year.

Brooklyn 45 looks like it is going to be one of the good ones. Already receiving massive praise before its release, the hype on this one has me excited. Starring Anne Ramsey (The Taking of Deborah Logan), Ron Rains (Teacher), and Jeremy Holm (Mr. Robot). Brooklyn 45 is my most anticipated new horror film this week. Brooklyn 45 will hit shudder June 9th.

She Came from the Woods

She Came from the Woods Movie Poster

Tubi has been playing its hand at making its own horror films for a while now. Up until this point they have been less than stellar. But after seeing the trailer for She Came from the Woods, I have hope that’s all about to change.

This film isn’t giving us anything new, it’s an old camp legend gone awry. But what it is giving us is William Sadler (Tales from the Crypt) right back where he belongs. Fighting ghosts with a shotgun and loving every minute of it. If you are looking for a new horror movie that is easy to digest, this is the one for you. She Came from the Woods will hit Tubi June 10th.

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