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Cool Stuff You Can Buy to Honor Jason on Friday the 13th – Etsy Edition

by Kelly McNeely
Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Etsy

It’s the first Friday the 13th of the new year! Time to grab your sharpest machete and your strongest Hockey mask and get ready for a springtime romp through bloody fields of Camp Counselors.

We’ve finally reached the spring season, so this is definitely the best time to do a bit of redecorating in your Crystal Lake cabin. Because I care about you and your quest for unique, handmade housewares and apparel, I’ve compiled a list of some killer items from all across Etsy that are perfect for your Jason-inspired decor dreams.

Whether you identify more with Friday the 13th‘s prolific killer or the Final Girls of the fan-favorite franchise, I’ve found a little something for everyone.

Check ’em out and share your favorites! You’ve got plenty of shopping days before the next Friday the 13th.

Amaretto Scented Blood Filled Bath Bomb via GlitteryNightmares on Etsy

Amaretto scented? Blood filled? This bath bomb is checking off all my boxes.

Friday the 13th Chain Pin via MillyPins on Etsy

This fantastic pin provides the option of letting the hanging canoe (and surprised Jason) swing freely, or it can be securely pinned for a more structured statement (that is less likely to catch on loose fabric). So practical!

Camp Crystal Lake Fabric by the yard via Spoonflower on Etsy

I’m in love with this fabric and I need to use it all over my house thanks.

Jason Voorhees Fiberglass Hockey Mask via NightmareFuelStudios on Etsy

Now that’s a quality mask! The leather straps on this bad boy are A+

Friday the Purrteenth Print via StupidAnimalShop on Etsy

This print makes me so happy. SO. HAPPY.

Friday the 13th Inspired Apron via ActionPink on Etsy

If I had this apron, I might actually learn to cook someday! Hahaha who am I kidding.

Camp Crystal Lake Hoodie via UnderGroundGear on Etsy

Show off your Camp pride with this awesome sweatshirt (available in 18 different colors)! The beauty of this design is that it looks like a logo for a legit camp you would go to – you know, the kind where you would actually make it home alive.

Friday the 13th Spike Machete Pumps via Kaylastojek on Etsy

These are amazing. That machete heel! Those spikes! Dang.

Friday the 13th Hand Painted Garden Gnome via TheGnomeRanger on Etsy

Awww. The behind-the-mask beard detail is pretty great.

Friday the 13th NES 8-Bit Enamel Pin via 14Eight on Etsy

Check out this fantastic glow in the dark enamel pin that plays a perfect homage to the only Friday the 13th game that ever truly matters.

Friday the 13th Poster via Cr8tiveACE on Etsy

I love the depth and the retro feel of this piece. The silhouette artwork is reminiscent of those fantastic tourism posters that were popular in the 1930s.

18″ Burlap Camp Crystal Lake Wreath via SouthCharmWreaths on Etsy

A delightful way to welcome new guests!

Custom Freddy Vs Jason PS4 Controller via DominoFXcustoms on Etsy

Nothing says Mortal Kombat (or, more accurately, Immortal Combat) like this killer custom Freddy vs Jason PS4 controller.

Friday the 13th Poster via TotalLost on Etsy

This design is fantastic. It’s dark, it’s broody, and Jason’s breaking the fourth wall – as if to say “hey guys, watch this” – is wonderful.

Camp Crystal Lake Camp Counselor Knapsack via inkedupmerch on Etsy

This is the only bag you should ever take on a camping trip.

Crystal Lake Counselor Survival Kit via TheSeaOfMadness on Etsy

A delightful way to proudly display a perfect collection of replica props from the Friday the 13th game.

Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Handmade Tobacco Smoking Pipe via EasyOneDay on Etsy

Look, if you’re gonna smoke in the woods, just know that the big guy is comin’ for ya. You might as well flatter him by using this pipe.

Handcrafted Camp Crystal Lake Reclaimed Wood Sign via RusticPopCulture on Etsy

Such fabulous color! Could we collectively get together to post these at every lake in North America? Cool. Thanks guys.

Jason Voorhees Mask via WorkshopTwoBrothers on Etsy

Phenomenal detail! The cracking around the eyes is marvelous.

Friday the 13th “Slay” Patch – via LiftMeUpApparel on Etsy

This rad patch is also available as a sticker and pin and – fun fact – I need all of them!

Custom Made Jason Horror Inspired Baby Gift Set via StitchezALaMode on Etsy


Hand Painted Jason Voorhees Glass via TheMADPainterVA on Etsy

Bottom’s up!

“SAINT JASON as in jason voorhees the patron saint of killing teens and definitely not swimming horror PATCH” via RetirementFund on Etsy

That item name though…

Upcycled Thrift Store Painting via jamesBit on Etsy

Upcycled thrift store paintings are underrated and you know it.

Jason Voorhees Welcome Sign via zedszombieranch on Etsy

A charming way to welcome visitors to your campground!

Jason Voorhees Sticker via smzartworks on Etsy

Rad. As. Hell. I dig this design.

Friday the 13th Illustration Print via lydiajeanart on Etsy

Well this is just the most precious print. He’s so happy to have that severed arm! Aww.


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