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13 Totally Rad Jason Voorhees Tattoos to Inspire You This Friday the 13th

by Kelly McNeely
jason voorhees tattoo

Happy Friday the 13th! In the spirit of stabbing things, I think we should all take a moment to appreciate the incredible beauty of an awesome tattoo. A tattoo is a wonderful way to show your commitment to your favorite things in life (a very permanent commitment) and a perfect opportunity to be the proud owner of some truly original art. To honor the first Friday the 13th of 2017, I’ve creeped through Instagram, Tattoodo and Pinterest to bring you 13 of the coolest Jason Voorhees-inspired tattoos.

If you want variety, I’ve got you covered (unless it’s thematic variety, in which case you are reading the wrong article, friend). We have examples of shading, pointillism, traditional, realism, cover-ups, black-and-white, and color from a variety of very talented artists. All are focused on the man of the hour, Mr. Jason Voorhees.

Jason Voorhees Tattoo by Jake Wadman (via Tattoodo App)




Jason Voorhees Tattoo

Jason Voorhees by Javier Antunez. (via Tattoodo App)



Jason Voorhees Tattoo

Jason Tattoo by Jacob Doney (via Tattoodo App)

Jason Voorhees Tattoo

A portrait of Jason Voorhees via Paul Acker (IG—paulackertattoo) (via Tattoodo App)





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