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First Full ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Trailer is Here

Is it safe to play electric guitar on the roof during a supernatural storm?

by Timothy Rawles

Update: Stranger Things Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix

Perhaps there is nothing more anticipated on Netflix this year than season four of “Stranger Things.” After all, how many more real-crime dramas can the streaming platform drop in our “suggested viewing” queue?

Today, we get a little treat from the all-caps brand in the form of a trailer. It’s the first official trailer for season four of “Stranger Things,” and it looks like the Starcourt samaritans are once again in peril, but this time, their secret weapon, Eleven, is coming out of the gate without any powers a carryover from the end of season three.

It’s now six months after the Starcourt event and although our favorite clan of misfits is doing their own thing, the threat of the Upside Down is still very real and the mystery behind it all has yet to be unraveled. What we do know, according to the voice-over, is that “War is Coming.” What we also know is playing an electric guitar during a red supernatural electric storm is metal personified.

Like a ticking grandfather clock in an old abandoned mansion, fans are counting down the time before the series’ final hour: season five is supposed to be its last.

But for now, let’s rejoice that Hawkins is still on the Netflix map for summer 2022 and Journey has been given another track glow up with a foreboding rendition of “Separate Ways.” Enjoy.

“Stranger Things” season 4, volume one will drop on May 27, volume two on July 1.