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‘Fallen’ Trailer Reveals a Moody and Isolated Creature Feature

An Isolated Farm and Violent Creatures in the Woods? Sold.

by Trey Hilburn III

Fallen looks to combine the exorcism genre together with a creature feature. The trailer looks to be giving us something that we can get behind. Lately, the exorcism genre alone hasn’t been able to successfully connect, without stepping outside of the traditional box. Films The Exorcism of God is a great example of mixing the genre up in order to make it stay interesting. After all there is only so many ways you can try to remake The Exorcist before getting predictable.

The synopsis for Fallen goes like this:

Father Abraham was ready to save the world from an evil menace using exorcism — until tragedy struck. Years later, he lives on a remote farm with his daughter, haunted by the faces of those he saved and those he could not. After finding a pale humanoid creature lurking in the woods one night, he shoots and cremates the monster. But all too soon he discovers that the beast was not alone, and that his troubles have only just begun. This frightening supernatural horror tale will chill you to your soul.

Fallen arrives on VOD and DVD beginning  Feb. 22, 2022.