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‘DALL-E Mini’ App: Fulfill Your Horror Mash-up Fantasies

It's the latest app-based fidget toy for twisted artists.

by Timothy Rawles

You’ve probably seen people posting pictures of strange, misshapen photos of people eating hot dogs, or horribly disfigured celebrities petting dinosaurs. It’s jarring at first glance, but damn is it not fun.

This is called DALL-E, a new app developed by  Boris Dayma. This trending image-generating engine has become the internet’s latest obsession. You can create your own f***ked-up art project in a few simple steps: Just open up the app page, let your imagination run wild in the search bar, then hit “Run.”

What pops up next is something you might find in the cursed Shutter camera. Your search criteria have scoured the internet and created a mash-up of your keywords.

Dayma says the model learns, “by looking at millions of images from the internet with their associated captions.”

The program keeps learning as more unique terms are placed in the search bar.  For instance, I typed in “Freddy Krueger eating Doritos.” The following image was generated:


Then I searched for “Ghostface eating a hot dog,” and here’s what went down:


The app is extremely popular right now so don’t fret if you get an error message or your creation takes a few minutes. But hey, art takes time and what else are you doing while your hot pocket heats up in the microwave?

You can create your own nightmare mashup HERE.