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‘Creepshow’ Season Three Has Arrived on Shudder

'Creepshow's' Third Season is Here

by Trey Hilburn III

Season 3 of Shudder’s Creepshow has finally arrived. While, not as long as we hope for, it’s still great to have the series back during the spooky season. As you would expect the anthology gives us a few some new horror stories to keep us up at night.

One of them even features the sentinel ball from Phantasm! Absolutely nothing wrong with that! Last season actually had an episode that was built around The Evil Dead’s Necronomicon. I dig the homage to some of the greats.


This season’s episodes of Creepshow breakdown like this:

– Mums,” directed by Rusty Cundieff and adapted by Nicotero from Joe Hill’s short story

– “Meter Reader,” which Nicotero has said will reference The Exorcist

– “The Last Subaraya,” about an art dealer who unleashes a demonic presence from a rare painting

– “Queen Bee,” about a pop star who is possessed by aliens

– “Drug Traffic,” which stars Michael Rooker as a cop investigating a strange series of killings

Count us in. Creepshow Season 3 is out now.