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‘Chucky’ Might Be Headed to Outer Space

According to Don Mancini It's Possible

by Trey Hilburn III

In a recent interview with Comicbook.com, creator Don Mancini dropped the possibility of a crazy path for Chucky’s future. This extends to crossovers – and outside the box world-building. Namely, there is a possibility that Chucky might be headed to outer frickin’ space.

Jason did it, Pinhead did it, Leprechaun did it. It’s a trend in franchises that usually occurs post shark jump. If you ask us, Chucky is long overdue for a trip to space. Let the guy slaughter some folks in zero G. He deserves it.

” I think as a character he’s versatile enough and appealing enough and interesting enough that he could probably go anywhere, even into outer space.” Mancini told Comicbook.com. “Which is the one thing, I think once I jokingly said something about sending Chucky into space, although I do think it would be a fun movie. … I think ‘X Goes to Space’ is usually a barometer for jumping the shark. But I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Chucky in a little space suit with a helmet, sort of like floating?”

Let’s get this dang Chucky in space show on the road, y’all. Ever since Seed of Chucky all bets are off for any sort of seriousness in the franchise. So, why not introduce this sort of next level goofy fun?

Chucky is currently on its second episode on Syfy. Catch it on Tuesdays.