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Chattanooga Film Festival Announces Virtual Opening and Closing Night Movies

by Jacob Davison

The pandemic has changed many things about the movie industry, particularly in the genre sphere. Over the course of the last year and then some, groups and organizations have had to adjust to a whole different world. At the forefront was the Chattanooga Film Festival, which became the first to go fully virtual in May of 2020. It’s a new year, and while things are improving, CFF has announced that they will be virtually presenting their festival once again this year.

Starting with the news of their opening and closing night movies. Opening will be Onur Tukel’s timely religious dramedy Scenes From An Empty Church (Featured Image)


Director Onur Tukel  |  2021  |  98 mins  |  Comedy/Drama  |  US  |  English

In a locked-down NYC, two priests open their church doors to those seeking salvation during the most isolating of times. From the commonplace to the truly metaphysical, their visitors reflect the full spectrum of personal crises of spirituality. Throughout their encounters with the city’s sweetest, wildest and weirdest, the two priests learn the importance of connection, empathy and open-mindedness. Sometimes a little faith is all you need to make it through the bad times.


From writer/director Onur Tukel (Catfight), and featuring standout performances from Kevin Corrigan, Max Casella, and Thomas Jay Ryan, Scenes from an Empty Church is a uniquely timely and timeless spotlight on the search for life’s meaning, told with Tukel’s trademark wit and wisdom.

And closing the festival will be Jacob Gentry’s archive footage horror movie Broadcast Signal Interruption.

Image via CFF


Director Jacob Gentry  |  2021  |  104 minutes  |  Thriller  |  US  |  English

For three years, James (Harry Shum Jr.) has been haunted by his wife’s sudden and inexplicable disappearance. His best distraction is work—specifically, archiving old videos. While watching decade-aged TV news footage one night, he sees a video interference that’s deeply disturbing. And it’s not the only interference he’ll see. As his obsession over these strange clips increases, and he submerges himself into their mysteries, James discovers troubling connections to his missing wife. Which will these broadcast intrusions bring him, though: long-desired answers or a never-ending nightmare?

As well, Paperbacks From Hell author Grady Hendrix will be presenting his latest work, Welcome To The Final Girl Support Group

Image via CFF

Bestselling author Grady Hendrix (Paperbacks from Hell, My Best Friend’s Exorcism) welcomes you to a very special support group, so have a seat, coffee’s in the back, and remember there’s no cross-talk. Also, please remember that unless you’ve fed them through a wood chipper or burned them to ashes, the killer is never really dead! Prepare yourself for a therapy session from Hell all about slasher movies and murder books, ranging from the 19th century to the modern era, with all the astrological assassins, dope-dealing neo-Nazi bodybuilders, and primal hamster trauma that has turned every Olympic training camp, summer camp, sleepaway camp, and band camp into a killing ground for very slow-moving killers armed with extremely inefficient weapons.

Chattanooga Film Festival 2021 will be taking place June 24th to the 29th. For further details, check out their site here.

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