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Bruce Campbell Spills the Beans on a Very Dark ‘Evil Dead: Rise’ Plot

Bruce Spilled the Tea

by Trey Hilburn III
Sam Raimi

Bruce Campbell is the Evil Dead icon. The guy can pretty much do and say whatever he wants. He is Ash Williams after all. He is also on in a producing capacity on the upcoming Lee Cronin directed film, Evil Dead: Rise.

Campbell was asked by blairwitch.de about Evil Dead: Rise and boy, oh boy, did he give an answer.

“It’s a single mom who now has to deal with this book,” said Campbell, adding, “These days it’s more about the book. That book gets around. … passed along, people try and get rid of it, they try and bury it or destroy it, and they really can’t.” Campbell said.

That is already a lot more than we knew about the plot. Surprisingly, Campbell didn’t stop there. He continued and painted a portrait of a very dark Evil Dead film with no happy endings.

If you don’t want any spoilers at all concerning Evil Dead: Rise, then please do not read the next paragraph. Campbell spilled the beans of the plot and may have dropped a few spoilers along the way. While speaking with blairwitch.de Campbell opened up and said:

“This family is not the same at the end of the movie. They’re gutted. The whole family is destroyed. These people get possessed. Brothers and sisters, sons, daughters, you know. So yeah, it’s a family affair, this one’s a family affair. They’re all related in this one. I think that makes the possession and killing your siblings — things like that, even harder. Because in the original ‘Evil Dead,’ there was only one brother/sister combo, Ash and his sister Sheryl. The rest were just friends. Now this is all, they’re all related in this household. Much more excruciating.”

Evil Dead: Rise arrives in theaters in 2022.