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Adam Savage Constructs a ‘Ghostbusters’ Proton Pack

We Want One of These

by Trey Hilburn III

Mythbusters’ Adam Savage is a bit of genius and a bit of a movie fan. So, of course he is a Ghostbusters fanatic. On the latest episode of Tested, Savage went and built a proton pack to make the rest of the Ghostbusters world jealous.

Of course, we already very much need a packe built by Savage. There are plenty of proton packs out there for purchase and you can even construct your own, but one built by Savage begs the question does it actually work?

This episode of Tested is described as:

In anticipation of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Adam makes a replica Proton Pack inspired by the film, complete with a full complement of interactive lights, smoke effects, and extra greeblies to make it his own personal version of the iconic prop. And better yet, Adam is granted access to one of the hero Proton Pack filming props from Ghostbusters: Afterlife which he uses as reference for his detailing and finishing. Here’s how Adam’s custom Proton Pack came out!

As Ghostbusters: Afterlife approaches, the anticipation and marketing grows. We are 1000 percent okay with this since, it means that we are getting more shows, toys and junk food branded to the GB brand!

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