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A Family Vacationing at Disney Finds They Were Being Stalked by a Tracking Device

The Whole Time, Someone Was Watching

by Trey Hilburn III

A family who was able to spend a lovely day at Disney had the bejeezus scared out of them once the trip was winding down. The Gaston family who was having a good ole time at the theme park discovered that an unidentified Apple Airtag tracker was keeping up with their location the entire time.

Spooky right? Really spooky considering the device didn’t belong to them. During their ride on the monorail, they received a message via their iPhone that there was an Airtag tracking them.

The Apple Airtag has recently found a lot of popularity online via Tik Tok. Sadly it has become a terrifying trend in which ex’s or outright stalkers are planting these devices (which are about the size of a quarter) on the unsuspecting.

Once the family got back to their car, they decided to go through all of their stuff then and there in order to find the device. With everything checked – they finally gave up and began to drive off. When they looked again to see the last known tracking location, it was marked as their previous parking spot. The only thing that the Gatson family could figure was that the tracker had fallen out of their personal items while they were searching in the parking lot.


That means that at some point the stalker who planted that Airtag had got into their personal effects and had time to carefully plant the device.

Airtags allow anyone to plant an item on a parked vehicle and then discover where you have been and even where you stopped for specified amounts of time.

There are videos out now on how to make sure you aren’t being tracked. It’s apparently going to be common place knowledge we need to be armed with in order to stop creepers from spending their days and nights stalking you from the shadows.

Check out the video below for another occasion in which someone ended up being tracked via an Airtag device.