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50 Great Horror Movies to Watch on Tubi

by Brianna Spieldenner
Great Horror Movies to Watch on Tubi

The Bizarre and the Funny

ABCs of Death 1 & 2: If you’re not already familiar, the ABCs of Death are composed of 26 different shorts from different directors based on one letter in the alphabet. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, almost always weird and fun to watch!

Deathgasm (2015): This metal-themed horror comedy film about demonic possession is a fun romp. Two boys accidentally summon an ancient demon while starting a band and have to save the town from possessing everyone. 

Resolution (2012): A man travels to a remote cabin in which his friend has been staying and abusing drugs with the intention of getting him to rehab. Mysterious events then happen and there is a sense of time manipulation.

The Voices (2014): Ryan Reynolds stars in this off-kilter film about mental illness. He must decide whether to follow what his cat or his dog is saying, while working at a factory in a stylized world.

Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008): Repo! Is probably the most well-known horror musicals. Blending rock songs with a highly-stylized future world in which there is an epidemic of organ failures leading to an organ loan program that kills you for not paying. 

May (2002): Angela Bettis and Anna Faris star in this dark romance movie. May is a girl who has faced ridicule throughout her life for having a lazy eye. She becomes fixated on a man while working as a vet. 

Clown (2014): Jon Watts (director of Spiderman: Homecoming and Far From Home) unique clown horror film about a clown suit that gets stuck on a father who wears it and starts turning him into a homicidal clown. If that sounds cheesy, it’s a lot grosser than you would expect. 

Blood Punch (2014): This film is amusing, chaotic, and unique. A young man is broken out of rehab by a woman who asks him to make meth for her for one day. He is then pulled into this girl’s toxic relationship with her dangerous boyfriend, and that’s just the beginning of the craziness. 


Triangle (2009): A group of friends on a boat gets stuck in a storm but find an abandoned ship. The ship starts showing supernatural qualities and they find themselves being hunted by a killer while also experiencing intense déjà-vu

Better Watch Out (2016):The classic babysitter and stalker dynamic, but with a twist! This is not only a great horror movie on Tubi, but a great horror movie for the holidays, too!

Murder Party (2007): The first feature from director Jeremy Saulnier (Green Room and Blue Ruin) definitely shows its youth in its actors and production design, but is still a fun, bloody movie. A man finds an invitation to a Halloween “Murder Party,” shows up, and finds about what you would expect. 

Spring (2014): A beautiful love story with a sinister secret. An aimless American man takes a trip to Italy and meets a mysterious girl. 

Darling (2015): A compact film about a girl who starts to go crazy after taking a job as a caretaker for a house. A pretty spooky, highly stylized midnight flick!