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Weird New Year’s Promo For ‘Stranger Things 3’ Drops

by Timothy Rawles

It’s barely 2019 and already the people in Hawkings are gearing up for July 4. Well, they are gearing us up for it because Netflix has released a bizarre teaser for the upcoming season of Stranger Things 3.

The odd countdown to ’85 in Times Square video premiered at the stroke of midnight EST along with a new poster for the series which already has us pining for fireworks, ice cream and The Demogorgon.

Netflix is plying us with teasers for this highly anticipated entry into the series. It’s an old summer blockbuster movie technique where filmmakers only hint at what’s to come without fully giving anything away.

The last morsel of bait they hooked us with was earlier this month when they released the titles of all the episodes.

At any rate, prepare yourself for another year of heavy promos and hype. Not only is Stranger Things giving us another chapter, but so is IT and even Game of Thrones.

Happy 2019 everybody!

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