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Vans X Horror Collection Brings ‘It’, ‘The Shining’ and More to Spooky Sneakers

It's Hard to Choose Which Ones Are Our Faves.

by Trey Hilburn III

Vans is fixing to do a cool crossover with horror as part of its Vans X Horror Collection. In a recent Tweet from Vans, they shared a vintage tube TV set with a screen that shared a tease of the new set of shoes. The collection includes It, The Shining, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Each of the sneakers come with their respective design. I’m really digging the flashiness of The Shining shoes. They come with a yellow design similar to the classic poster, with small printing that represents The Shining. The side sole has “Redrum” scrawled across them. Similarly, the It sneakers have “We all float” written on the side of the sole. They also have some red balloons built into the pattern. Pennywise red balloons.

The other two sneakers are cool as well. The Nightmare on Elm Street shoes have the iconic Freddy Krueger sweater colors showing. They are also very grungy looking as well. They have a fresh raw paint quality to the design. Definitely a color and design that suits the Dream Master’s realm.

The classic slip-ons go to the Friday the 13th design. These have one shoe painted with Jason’s face and the other with the title of the film.

The short Twitter teaser only tells us that the collection will launch in October. But, doesn’t give a specific date. We will be sure to give you an update when we have more info.

Each of these look really great. In fact, its tough to choose which one to go after. Which do you guys like the most? Let us know in the comments section.