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‘Trick ‘r Treat’ Director Sort Of Answers a Question About Sam’s Backstory



Little Burlap Sam is one of Halloween’s most recognized ambassadors much like he is through each story in Michael Dougherty’s seasonal anthology movie Trick ‘r Treat. But not much is known about Sam’s origin. That was one of the topics in a Q&A with Collider where interviewer Perri Nemiroff asked him about the little guy’s past but the question didn’t yield a lot from the director. Instead, Dougherty points viewers to a short titled November 1.

When asked if there is anyone on the planet he has revealed Sam’s origin story to, Dougherty confirms that he has not. However, he says if you watch the short there is a scene where you see Sam’s dead body among the Halloween debris and trash from the night before.

“Like you see this wilted, withered corpse of what was Sam in his pajamas,” Dougherty says in the interview. “Then you see sort of like see the pumpkin seeds and guts laying in the dirt. Then you see sort of one seed sort of like, giggle and plant itself into the dirt. So in my mind, he dies every November first, but with the help of certain others, seeds or guts are retained and he grows back every October.”

@perrinemiroff Had to at least try to get a lil Sam backstory info during our TRICK ‘R TREAT Q&A for the Scary Perri Horror Series. 🙃 Catch the full Q&A with Michael Dougherty on the Collider Interviews YouTube channel now! And if you want to check out the November 1st short he’s referring to, it’s on the FEARnet YouTube titled “Trick ‘r Treat – The Day After.” #trickrtreat #michaeldougherty #sam #halloween #filmmaking #interview #horror #horrormovie #horrortok #fyp ♬ original sound – Perri Nemiroff

Although that information isn’t exactly the answer to Sam’s origin story, it at least gives a reason for why he is around on Halloween night in the film.

In that same Collider interview, Dougherty also confirms that there is a Trick ‘r Treat sequel in the works although it can’t move forward just yet thanks to the actor’s strike. The next chapter will also star Sam as the anthology tour guide but will feature a villain even more challenging than the first movie’s Mr. Kreeg; Sam’s arch-nemesis.

You can watch November 1 below under the alternate title Trick ‘r Treat The Day After.

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Director Adam Green Relays a Chilling True Story About the Ski Lift in ‘Frozen’



Just before director Adam Green announced the DVD release of his festival hit Victor Crowley back in 2018, he gave fans a behind-the-scenes tale about another one of his films; Frozen.

As we approach the 14th anniversary of that movie, we thought we would rewind a bit and re-share what he said about his experience on Frozen; his most successful film to date.

In Frozen a group of friends get stuck on a ski lift high above the ground in the middle of a snowstorm and try to figure out how to get down.

The film is not based on a true story, but there is an eerie coincidence as he tells it attached to the film’s location, and he may have had a premonition while riding the lift before cameras even started rolling.

“[We] finally came over these trees and there it was,” conveys Adam while scouting exteriors 50 feet above the ground. “There was the spot and instead of me saying ‘This is where we should shoot the movie,’ for some reason I said ‘This is where they die,’ and the chair just stopped- stopped! And I thought the representative of the mountain was like f***ing with us or something, but no it stopped.”

Adam says he excused the sudden halt to the wind or something else; it’s no rare occurrence that ski lifts stop without warning, but he says it was still really eerie and what was only a few minutes of hanging there in mid-air, felt like an hour.

Here’s the strange part,  as he was shooting the movie he found out from lift operators that someone had taken their own life with a firearm in that exact same location. They even showed a member of the crew the alleged chair that had the bullet hole in it.

Thinking it was still just a rumor, or a local urban legend Adam did more investigating. It wasn’t until Sundance that Adam got confirmation the death was real.

“Somebody in the audience raised their hand, and…said the person’s name. It was a true story, someone did die there. After that point my editor and I started going through all the footage trying to see if there was another voice on the audio or can you see anything.” They didn’t.

However chilling that story is we’d still love to hear if there was ever a conversation with Disney about using them using the name Frozen for their animated hit which came out three years later.

We sadly assume Disney won’t be doing a princess musical about Victor Cowley anytime soon, so we know that copyright is safe.

Green talks about his ski lift premonition at 11:38 in the video below:


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Stateside Final Trailer For ‘Godzilla Minus One’ Drops



Already a word-of-mouth critical success Godzilla Minus One swims to the States today, opening in theaters nationwide. In celebration of that, TOHO released the final trailer for the blockbuster which doesn’t add much to the others, but it still looks great.

This release was wholly produced by Japan, the monster’s original home. Not since Shin Godzilla (2016) has the country produced another film until now. It’s been almost seven decades since the prehistoric Kaiju emerged from the Pacific Ocean to begin his love/hate relationship with Tokyo.

Fans have had a love/hate relationship themselves, not with the monster but with Hollywood. The first American-produced film was released in 1998. It didn’t capture the charm and romance of the original. Several other American sequels were made, each more grandiose than the last. Again, the lore and fantasy were swallowed by big actors and special effects.

With Godzilla Minus One, fans and critics say this might be the best direct Japanese sequel since the original. At any rate, Godzilla Minus One is now playing nationwide in America.

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A Boy Band Kills Our Favorite Reindeer in “I Think I Killed Rudolph”



The new movie There’s Something in the Barn seems like a tongue-in-cheek holiday horror movie. It’s like Gremlins but bloodier and with gnomes. Now there is a song on the soundtrack that captures the humor and horror of the movie called I Think I Killed Rudolph.

The ditty is a collab between two Norwegian boy bands: Subwoofer and A1.

Subwoofer was s Eurovision entrant in 2022. A1 is a popular act from the same country. Together they killed poor Rudolph in a hit-and-run. The humorous song is a part of the film which follows a family fulfilling their dream, “of moving back after inheriting a remote cabin in the mountains of Norway.” Of course, the title gives away the rest of the movie and it turns into a home invasion — or — a gnome invasion.

There’s Something in the Barn releases in cinemas and On Demand December 1.

Subwoofer and A1
There’s Something in the Barn
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