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‘Train to Busan’s’ American Remake Now Titled ‘Last Train to New York’

If It Makes Money Overseas America Must Remake It

by Trey Hilburn III
Train to Busan

Yeon Sang-Ho’s Train to Busan was one of the best the zombie genre has to offer. At a time that the zombie genre began to feel like it had been over saturated, Busan surprised with its emotional views on classism and other politics. It also made a train full of money. So, being that it made money, America is remaking it. The remake is reportedly being titled Last Train to New York. We can’t escape the fact that this particular title reminds us of some sort of throwback to a Woody Allen romantic comedy.

In a recent Deadline report that announced director, Timo Tjahjanto would be remaking Steven Seagal’s Under Siege, it also briefly mentioned this iteration of zombies on trains in the US. Tjahjanto is a hell of a director. His films are outstanding. So, we have some hopes left for the American remake of Train to Busan.

While, we aren’t a fan of the title for logistical reasons and for the fact that we are sort of fed up with remakes at the moment. We still can’t help but wonder what Tjahjanto will bring to the table. Like we mentioned, this dude’s movies rule.

The Last Train to New York is being developed at New Line and produced by James Wan.