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‘The Purge’ Director Casts Pete Davidson in ‘The Home’

Pete Davidson is Everywhere These Days

by Trey Hilburn III

Pete Davidson is turning up all over the dang place these days. If you for some reason missed him on Saturday Night Live, then you are sure to know his overly-publicized love life. From Ariana Grande to Kim Kardashian the dude has seen his unfortunate appearances on TMZ and the like. All that aside, the guy is a good actor and has turned up in King of Staten Island, Big Time Adolescence and The Suicide Squad. His next project will steer him into the horror genre.

The Purge director, James DeMonaco’s next picture, The Home will feature Davidson playing an employee at an retirement home. When down-in his-luck Davidson begins digging, he discovers that this old folks home has some deadly secrets. Things take an even darker turn when the retirement home’s fourth floor is explored. It is discovered that the retirement home’s dark secrets may tie into Davidson’s own past.

Bill Block is onboard as a producer with both DeMonaco and Adam Canto writing the script.

The Home is Davidson’s second recent horror film turn. First up he has Bodies. Bodies. Bodies coming up – an A24 slasher that also stars Lee Pace.

Unfortunately, Davidson gets a hard time in the press due to all of the attention placed on his love-life and breakups. Perhaps if focus was placed on his SNL bits, stand-up special and films folks would find that the dude ain’t so bad. Honestly, we are looking forward to Davidson’s horror outing(s). For some reason, anytime comedy folks suddenly turn horror it is usually a good thing.